A Little Heartache

This is a journal of a man who is just trying to find love in his life.

Chapter 1


Reaching out I tried to grasp for you only to fall forward as you mocked me and danced away, treading the snow lightly as almost it would break. Perhaps a trick of the light, no footprints to see. Getting up ignoring the deep, bloody scratches upon my knees that colored the snow, I only could stumble after you. Cracks sounded through the air as what the seemingly solid floor broke underneath me and I fell into a gasping cold water. Steps too harsh, the ice broke under me, it was a shock not to be ever ignored. My body felt cold as it began to numb in places I had never consciously noticed before now. How can i be alive? I thought, when my fingers turned blue and my bones froze. Light began to show through to me, against the odds fighting through the pitch black abyss of water. Staring blankly at it all I could think is…. you.are.mine. The water almost held me back as I surged upward, breaking through my fingers grabbed onto the broken edged glass as I surfaced through the mirror, where you waited for me with a sickly sweet smile whispering tiny words urging me to stay away. Distraction present, I gripped your arms and brought you back into the mirror with me pulling you into a ever lasting kiss. You struggled as the coolness swam over us, molding each one of us to fit for the other, just before the last stitch that would forever connect us caught, you broke free and crashed through the emptiness leaving me confused and floating through the space of my own sick dream. Nothing could stop the depression leaving me aching in places where I had once held onto you, this couldn’t be it. I will forever refuse to walk alone on the path that had once been a destined fate. Coming to me came the determination to forever and always go after you, even if it meant pining over you forever, even if it meant I had to chase you through the depths of hell. Gaining courage I stood up and smiled before chasing after you once again. Spinning around to look at me, you smiled at me giggling before continuing to skip away. As I closed in on you my fingers spread out in an attempt to touch you. A gust of happiness blew over me, I know I can catch you.

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