Reb00t (An original group story)

Reb00t (An original group story)

Its the year 2152. In first world countries new robots have been created to fight in the place of humans in the wars. Unlike robots in other parts of the world these new robots are highly intelligent AI’s programed for nothing but their roles in their squads of five. One squadrent encounters an electromagnetic blast causing them to gain human emotion. They are now being hunted.

Order: Luxray100, dovestorm, bleed1313, Squirtle831, GrimEchoKnight, and of course, SugarKart. :)

Chapter 10

R1311 - system processing

The commander has given itself... A name? I thought to myself, such a strange thing to do, even for a damaged unit.

We were walking in near silence along a small river, the only sounds being the steps we took. And suddenly I realized that mine were loudest. I realized I was biggest. We all looked different for our roles but now I noticed how blocky and obnoxious U was compared to my squad. Sure, I could take a billion hits. But other than that? I couldn't hide, I didn't know strategy, in the long run would I hold them back? So many questions. And so many... Feelings?

I wasn't sure if that's what it was. I could think now, and I definitely was. I was processing everything I saw and understood none of it. These trees, those blue jays in the sky, what did it all mean? Why is it here? And why am I, a tank, in existence to experience it?

It made my circuits tingle with energy, especially through my neck and in my arms and legs. It made me feel energy. It gave me... Life. That must be what the commander, what Brooke, was feeling too? And what of the others? Do they have names hidden in their minds?

Static hissed in the background and fogged up some of my vision on the left side of my head, I was charged but would need repair. I stopped walking for a moment to assess it as the squad walked on, and looking down i could see it. It? No, not it. Him. I could see him reflected in the water. And I knew him, because he was me.

Slowly I raised a blocky arm and touched the dent in my head and stared into two red, robotic eyes. I was hypnotized.

"Don't fall behind. We can't afford setbacks." , said R3014, startling me. I nodded, and we jogged back to the squad, them always a few paces ahead. Was I always so slow?

When I caught up I made a point to try and be lighter in my feet, but that caused me to fall behind more. My build no longer seemed optimal. I tried not to think, or feel. I tried using logic and calculate how I could upgrade myself post-mission to better serve my purpose. But it was hard, I kept getting distracted by the eyes of forest creatures. This went on for no less than 20 minutes.

Would I feel better with a name? None of my original software has answers, only calculations for fighting and following orders. I could only understand what I could scan. I want into my files as we went along, scanning records and programs for words. I

Maybe it would help if I were called something too.

I found my knowledge of geographic locations right after my historical warfare files. So many words. So many items. But I didn't want to be named for a war or weapon. Scanning locations I found what was pleasing to me to say I was internally.

Hello, I am Jericho.

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