Reb00t (An original group story)

Reb00t (An original group story)

Its the year 2152. In first world countries new robots have been created to fight in the place of humans in the wars. Unlike robots in other parts of the world these new robots are highly intelligent AI’s programed for nothing but their roles in their squads of five. One squadrent encounters an electromagnetic blast causing them to gain human emotion. They are now being hunted.

Order: Luxray100, dovestorm, bleed1313, Squirtle831, GrimEchoKnight, and of course, SugarKart. :)

Chapter 2

Chapter Two - R 24601- Diagnostics

by: Darsha
I file the system report upon reaching the base, ordering my squad to recharge at the power stations before they report to duty at the next call. I report the communications shut down, but I do not report the effect that it has had on my squad. I ran the diagnostics. There is no identifiable glitch.

No need to report until there is something to report.

My programming commands me to report all errors, but in this case, there is no error. The only true malfunction was the communication error and emergency shut-down. For the time being. And since there is no true, concrete malfunction within the gears and wires of our systems, then I have no cause to report.

But something has changed within me. Not a switch out of place. Nothing has been tampered with. Not in me or my squad.

But I have begun to notice.

Notice the world around me. I used to look at the sky and my circuits would calculate the atmospheric conditions and compute how they would effect the mission but for the first time since I was built, I looked at sky and saw it's black velvet hue for....I'm not sure what. It's something I can't compute. I search through my database dictionary for the word. I search the dictionary of unspecified words, or words that do not have an exact definition, words that emotional beings use to describe things, words that expand and shrink, floating with the user's intentions. A word that a human might use.

And that word is: "Beautiful."

My system justifies the use of this word because it computes to the association. Like the line of best fit on a scatter-plot. The probability that the midnight sky can be associated with the word "beautiful" is high.

My system has not dismissed the computation. But for some reason it doesn't seem like a computation- it's a ......feeling. I am going to contact my squad to moment they are finished powering up. This is detrimental to our future as a squad. If I report this....feeling....than we will be demolished.

For once my existence is not mathematical. It is real- spirit like. But my analytical system is still there, with the addition of a flighty-like soul that I fear will take off like a bird. I hang onto it's shining existence. It's like I've been given a gift by DOM1NA70R . Even though he is a criminal and a terrorist of cyberspace- I can thank him.

He has given me a gift that I don't want to give up.

But it's only a matter of time before my squad is reassigned. I have to keep us together- that is, if they're experienced the....addition.

It's only a matter of time before probability prevails over prayer.

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