Reb00t (An original group story)

Reb00t (An original group story)

Its the year 2152. In first world countries new robots have been created to fight in the place of humans in the wars. Unlike robots in other parts of the world these new robots are highly intelligent AI’s programed for nothing but their roles in their squads of five. One squadrent encounters an electromagnetic blast causing them to gain human emotion. They are now being hunted.

Order: Luxray100, dovestorm, bleed1313, Squirtle831, GrimEchoKnight, and of course, SugarKart. :)

Chapter 3

R1311 - A Feeling Machine

Recharging had never felt good before now. "Good" wasn't something that had even existed to me. But now many things were clogging my thought processes that were completely alien to me. All I knew was that I could feel.

I could only imagine it to be a glitch in my software, but I couldn't detect a single flaw. The only thing that I could detect came suddenly and for no knowable reason, There was sand and dirt all over me. I felt a need, a need to clean it. To look pristine. Somehow the thought made another feeling emerge... was it desire?

I'd never wanted anything in all my life.

Then a flood of questions came to mind. Should I tell R24601? Should I tell the others? What if it's a horrid virus?

No, no. I'll keep it to myself, for now at least. But was this... this new experience... from DOM1NA70R? If so, this could be the worst thing to tell anyone about. If I carry his virus, I might as well be considered scrap metal. Completely obsolete.

I looked at the ground and felt another emotion, a tidal wave of distress and worry. What if they got the virus too? Would we all be in danger?

I shook my head and tried to make the feelings fade away, but to no avail.

How do humans deal with all of these emotions all of the time?

Either way, I was finished recharging. That meant the others were probably finished, too. I needed to see them, well... at least observe them. All of my original robotic functions were still in order, and hopefully there's were too. Perhaps I could do a quick scan on one or two of them to see if I could see something within them that I couldn't see within myself.

Something to hint to this dramatic change.

I wondered if any other squads had the issue. Other squads. I'd never thought about them before. All I was ever programmed to do was work with my four comrades, to be the brick wall they needed me to be. Now there were so many more things to think about. So many things to notice.

Despite how I wanted to check on the others, I was suddenly struck by a sense of awe. A large luna moth floated over my head and on the breeze to a large vine, where it landed. I walked a bit closer and gazed into the hypnotic pattern of it's wings. I realized that then, that life was far more complicated than metal and war.

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