Death's Blade

A teenage boy, tortured with the ability to read minds. A brother who only wants to hurt him. A power-hungry father who strives for world domination.
Evan was taken from his abusive home as a child and has lived in an orphanage for years. One day he decides to run away to escape all the thoughts invading his mind when he meets a girl named Hannah. The girl is a tool used by Evan's father to bring mind readers to him and use them to murder anyone who gets in his way.
Should he fight, or submit?

Chapter 2


by: Lawli_pop
I winced at the cold metal I felt on my arms and legs. Opening my eyes only to find a dark material, I cursed myself for following that girl.

Where am I? I thought.

I could feel rough rope arround my body and metal links wraping my arms so that I couldn't move. I tried twisting arround but knew it was for nothing. Struggling was hopeless. I tilted my head up when I heard a voice. It was in my head.

"I wonder if he's awake....." Someone else was in the room. my mind flashed back to the ally the girl had lead me in to.

Evan followed the girl. She had told him that she knew where his brother was. But that couldn't be true because Evan was almost sure his brother was dead. Out of curiosity, he followed anyways. The girl turned a corner into a dark alley between two brick buildings. Evan reached the same corner when he heard voices. He froze.

"So he's here. It's been a long time." The cold words made Evan shiver in fear.

He turned arround to go back, and just when he began to break into a run, a cloth was pulled arround his eyes and a hand clapped over his mouth. Evan gave a muffled scream and was quieted when he felt a sharp pinch in his arm. Darkness clouded his vision and he silently fell to the ground.

I recognized the thoughts as the same as I had heard in the allyway. I had been captured. The man's voice had been oddly familiar when I had heard it in my head the first time.

"He knows You're here." A girl's voice said out loud.

"I know, Hannah." The man's voice replied. "He's awake. I'm sure he knows he won't be missed."

I tried struggling against the chains again but whatever I had been drugged with was not allowing me to do much. I lay still on the ground. What was going on??

A hand grabbed my blindfold and pulled it off, tossing it to the ground. I found that I was laying on a stone floor and a bright light shone down onto me from the ceiling, making it very difficult to make out the two shaddowy figures before me.

"Stand up." The man ordered.

I had not plnned on obeying the command, but I quickly stood up.
After a minute of confusion, I concluded that the drug must have been forcing my cooperation.

"He's smart for a boy of fourteen. Hannah, Take him to the other room. As long as we keep him on his drugs, we won't be needing those restraints." The man walked over to me and cut the ropes arround my legs and unlocked the chains binding my arms.
I stared at the floor. I had no desire to look into the face of my captor. Unless I could figure out how to escape, I would have plenty of time to glare. I followed Hannah, leaving the man behind.

When we were out of earshot, she turned towards me.

"Please don't be upset with me. I'm like you. I was forced by that aweful drug to capture you. I can read thoughts as well."

I was confused. "What do you mean?"

"He captures people like you and me and uses us with that drug to kill anyone he wants. He's a murderer. He's insane. He tortures us if we won't do what he asks or resists his drugs. There are only a few of us Mindreaders out there. So he won't kill you. But he will make you wish he had." She explained.
"You are to be tested today- to see exactly what your pain limit can reach before he breaks you. Don't resist him. It will only make it worse. He is not the normal criminal. He's a genious murderer. He kills without reason and tortures to no mercy. Do not upset him. Surprisingly, he holds you of some value. That's not a normal occurance. You don't want to ruin it."

"Wh-what??" I was scared out of my mind.

Suddenly I realized we were not alone.

The man's voice said lowly; "Thank you, Hannah for the lovely little warning, but I'm afraid you shared too much information. It doesn't matter though, really. The boy can never leave. If he attempts escape..... well.... He will look much worse than he is going to once I'm done with him." The dark figure grinned.
"I hope you're prepared for the worst, Evan. Your test begins now."

( A/N: Hope you enjoyed chapter two. please leave a comment and any suggestions you may have for the story :)
I'll try to get the next chapter done soon.)

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