Death's Blade

A teenage boy, tortured with the ability to read minds. A brother who only wants to hurt him. A power-hungry father who strives for world domination.
Evan was taken from his abusive home as a child and has lived in an orphanage for years. One day he decides to run away to escape all the thoughts invading his mind when he meets a girl named Hannah. The girl is a tool used by Evan's father to bring mind readers to him and use them to murder anyone who gets in his way.
Should he fight, or submit?

Chapter 25

I'm Sorry

by: Lawli_pop
Blue stared back into the hopeless eyes that had landed on him. An expression of pure fear was plastered on Evan's face.

Evan looked away from him and Blue knew Evan didn't trust that he was going to help him. But Blue himself wasn't quite sure either. If he intervened, Matt was sure to kill him. Or worse. Blue meant nothing to Ronan anyways. He was nothing more that a pawn in Ronan's experimental game. Replaceable. Expendable. If he were to die it wouldn't matter. Ronan could give anyone Blue's powers and make another experiment. The only reason Blue was still alive was that he was a Mindreader Experiment.

Would he risk everything to help Evan? Would it be better to just stay out of it?

Evan and Nicco needed his help. If he didn't help them, Nicco would die and Evan would be hurt again. This had to stop.

Blue quietly slipped from his hiding place and snuck up behind Matt to where Nicco was laying. He knew Evan could see him, and hoped he would keep quiet about it. He carefully picked up the unconscious boy and silently returned to the heavily wooded area he had been watching from and set him down out if view.
Silently approaching the two boys on the ground, Blue stood there for a moment, looking down into the deep green eyed gaze staring back up at him. Evan was unsure if he should trust him. He didn't know if Blue was there to hurt or to help-- so he said nothing.

"You fuçking look at me when I'm talking to you!" Matt growled down at Evan.

The brunette beneath him said nothing as Matt held him down, tugging at the rim of Evan's pants. Matt suddenly stopped what he was doing. He blinked a few times. Something was coming back to him. Pictures flashed through his mind as if some forgotten memory was attempting to return. He shook his head in confusion. He saw himself and Evan as children..... playing. That's all they were doing. Laughing and talking, pretending they were cops chasing a robber, just generally having fun. No pain. No torture. Was this really a memory? Ronan had always told Matt that Evan hated him. Was cruel to him. This couldn't be real. Again, Matt shook off the confusing thoughts and looked back down at Evan.

Fear and hopelessness filled his brother's eyes. He almost felt sorry for him. Sorry? No, he could never feel sorry for anyone. Could he? No, no, Evan wasn't someone he should feel sorry for. This was the boy who had hurt him and cursed him, taunted and teased him... This was his brother who hated him. ....Was that really true?

Suddenly Matt found himself crying out in pain as he tumbled off his brother. Waves of pain ripped through his body like electric currents. He writhed on the ground and clutched his side where a dark gash had been inflicted, cutting through his black shirt and tearing the skin beneath. His tightly shut eyes opened just enough to see what had hurt him so badly.

Blue breathed deeply, trying to regain the energy used when he had struck Matt. Evan gazed up at him with slight hope returning to his eyes, a shocked expression plastered on his face.

"Ahnn!!" Matt groaned loudly. Throbbing pain followed as the aftermath of the original electric shock.

Quickly using the time that Matt was down, Blue reached his re-gloved hand down to Evan, who grabbed hold and pulled himself up, stumbling slightly over his own feet.

"We have to get out of here, now." Blue kept his voice low and monotone. "I know this forrest very well and can get us out of here. I have Nicco already."

"How do I know I can trust you?" Evan replied, stepping away from him.


"How do I know I can trust you?" He repeated. "For all I know, you could be taking Nicco and I back to Ronan."

Blue shook his head. "Evan, we don't have time for this--"

"I'm not following you unless I can be sure." Evan persisted. "Are you forgetting what happened the other night? With you and Matt? How you helped him hurt me??"

"I know that you don't trust me, but you have to listen to me. I can't--"

"The last time I just listened to someone and did what they wanted me to, I ended up almost dead!" Evan's voice rose. "I can't do that anymore, believe me, I learned my lesson!! I will not go anywhere with you until--"

"Evan, listen to me!!" Blue finally shouted.

Evan completely silenced himself. Blue never raised his voice. Not by his own will.

"You think I'm on Ronan's side?? That monster killed my entire family, destroyed the only home I ever had!! You think I would help him kill and hurt innocent people without putting up a fight??" A tear fell down Blue's face. "I have been rebelling for years! Trying to find a way out so I won't have to kill any more! He has been making me into an assasin of normal, honest people and innocent children when they did nothing to deserve death!! I've become a weapon of Death himself and I hate it!"

Blue looked at the ground, realizing he had let his emotions slip past his mask he had buried them beneath for years on end.

"Please trust me....." He sighed. "I want to help you."

Matt had recovered from his electrocution and the gash in his side had completely healed. He had been listening to what Blue was saying as he layed on the ground. Out of pure curiosity, of course. Blue was actually showing some emotion for once and he wanted to know why. Was what Blue said really true? Is Ronan really a monster? Does killing people really effect others that much? What was he thinking, of course not!! He knew what was right and wrong. So a few people have to die. It doesn't matter. Once Ronan is in control, Matt can simply kill him and take his place, having all the power in the world. What was so bad about that idea?

Matt stood up and walked up behind his brother. Blue was still staring at the ground and hadn't seen him, and Evan was looking at Blue.
He silently reached his hand forward and created a sharp spike of ice before throwing it in Blue's direction.
The frozen crystal just grazed Blue's skin, barely missing his head and cutting a long strip on red into the pale skin of his cheek. Blue yelped, mostly in surprise and jumped back.
Evan whipped his head around to face his brother and felt warmth in his hands. He looked down to see a small flame in his left hand that was not harming his skin in the least.
Matt looked past Blue and Evan and spotted the top of Nicco's head peaking out from behind a bush at the base of it. Dark brown locks of hair slightly visible.
Evan, having caught what Matt was looking at, sent a streak of bright orange flames at his brother before Matt could start running towards Nicco. Matt immediately dodged out of the way, returning the fire with a strip of clear ice.
Evan felt the flame in his hands weaken as the powerful ice passed him, nearly piercing his arm.
Blue motioned for him to start running before taking off amd heading to the place he had hidden Nicco. Evan quickly followed.

As his brother rushed by, Matt reached out to grab him but missed, tripping over the ground as he turned around to run after them.
Blue picked up Nicco and dashed into the woods with Evan very close behind.
Matt gasped for air as he chased after them, knowing he was falling way behind. His energy was draining rapidly. Blue must have had something to do with that. He clutched his side as he continued to race through the woods, the three boys ahead of him looking like nothing but three blurrey colored dots. Matt slowed to a stop, resting one hand against a tree trunk and the other on his knee as he bent over in an attempt to catch his breath. Black strands of hair hung in his face as he breathed heavily, a drop of sweat dripping from one of them. The hand on his knee rose to his head and wiped away the sweat on his forhead with his sleve. He sighed in defeat and lowered himself to the ground. His back leaved against the tree, Matt gazed up through the dark silhouettes of branches and leaves into the purple and orange sky. It was too late to keep going now anyways. He would start again in a few hours maybe. It wouldn't be wise to wait until morning-- He would never catch up with them if he did that.


Evan ran slightly ahead of the blue-haired Experiment, slowing his pace every once in a while to let him catch up. Having to carry Nicco was hard while running, Evan knew this, but nevertheless, they had to keep going. Blue would not allow them to rest or quit for the night, no matter how late it got. ...That is, until he himself began to admit he was getting tired.

"Evan..." Blue breathed, slowing down. "I think we should probably stop. I've looked behind us quite a few times and Matt is nowhere to be seen. We can camp here for the night and continue in the morning."

"I agree. Here looks like a good spot." Evan sighed, walking over to Blue and helping to lift Nicco off his shoulders. He carefully set the boy on the ground, his head resting on a soft patch of grass. Evan's hand came up to Nicco's head and brushed aside the brown locks of hair to uncover the white strip of material that he had used to bandage the wounds there. Blood had completely soaked through the cloth, and red, dried trails led down the boy's face. Evan was relieved to find that the bleeding had stopped, but was still worried that he had lost too much blood.

He then lowered his eyes to the unnatural angle of Nicco's leg. When he reached down and barely touched him, Nicco stirred in his unconscious state and groaned in pain, his eyes closing even tighter.

"How's he doing?" Blue's voice cut through the silence.

Evan looked over at Blue, who had been using a sharp stone to cut around the lower part of his pants until he had a long white strip in his hand. He had done the same to the other leg as well. The pants had already been too big on him, and he had been tripping over them a bit earlier. Now they were the perfect length.

"I think he'll probably be okay..... He's git a broken leg though and might have lost too much blood." Evan answered.

"I figured that... Here." Blue extended a white, gloved hand to him with both strips of material tat he had cut off. "You might be able to use these to bind up his broken leg for now until we're able to do something about it."

"Thanks." Evan smiled, taking the strips from him.

Blue stood back up from where he had been sitting on a large stone and began walking around. "Of course."

"Blue," Evan began, "Why did you help me and Nicco? You were out, you had escaped, you could have just run away and stayed out of this mess."

Blue looked him straight in the eyes, his cold, blue gaze burning into him.
"Because if I hadn't, Nicco would be dead and there would be no way to stop your father. Ronan is not a Mindreader like we are, but he's not an ordinary human either.
"He's almost immortal. He cannot be killed by anything or anyone unless the person killing him knows everything about him. They have to know his entire past, including his childhood, and everything that has happened in his life. If they know absolutely everything, that person will also know what has made him the weakest in the past. If they use that weakness against him and have gotten into his mind, once he is weak enough from whatever is used against him, Ronan will lose his immortality and can be stopped forever." Blue explained monotonously. "Only an Echoblade can read people's past, and Nicco, as you know, is the only remaining Echoblade in the world."

Evan was curious as to how Blue knew all this information, but decided it would be best not to ask him too many questions right now.

He began wrapping Nicco's broken leg in the cloth Blue had given him. A long silence dragged on until Blue finally spoke again.

"The.... The reason I was so upset earlier..... I--... I'm sorry." Blue said, staring into the dark sky. "I'm sorry for everything. I shouldn't have yelled at you earlier, but I-- I was scared. I haven't actually been scared since........" He sighed, trembling slightly as he wrapped his arms around himself.

"This is all my fault."

"Blue.... How is any of this your fault?" Evan finished wrapping up Nicco and started gathering dry sticks into a pile on the ground. "If it hadn't been for you--"

"If it hadn't been for me, you wouldn't have ever been in this mess." Blue interrupted. "I was Ronan's first Experiment. I should have tried harder to get away. None of this would have happened if it weren't for me. It's my fault my family died that night. I wasn't there to help them. It's my fault you have been hurt so many times. I didn't try hard enough to get you out of that horrible place. All the sick things they did to you... I could have stopped them. But I only made it worse. That stupid drug was simple enough that I could have resisted if I had just tried a little harder."

Evan threw a flame into the dry pile of wood he had built. Light immediately spread over the entire area.

"Stop blaming yourself." Evan said, looking at Blue and walking over to him. "It's not your fault. It was all Ronan. I'm sorry I didn't trust you, I didn't know what had happened. I thought you were on.... his side. I'm sorry."

"No, I don't blame you for not trusting me. I was too pushy because I needed to get you out of there. I needed to keep you from getting hurt again. Nicco isn't the only reason I helped you."

Blue turned to face the brunette beside him. "Evan, with all that you've been through it amazes me that you're even still alive. What I did to you is unforgivable. And I want to make it right."

"But it wasn't your fault,--" Evan started before Blue put a finger to his lips.

"I want you to know that I really do care. And I'm more sorry than you will ever know." Blue was inches from Evan's face and slowly leaned in and gently kissed Evan's bruised lips.

Evan was surprised at first. Both of the fact that Blue was kissing him, and of how soft and gentle it was.

Evan kissed back softly and wrapped his arms around Blue.

"I forgive you."

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