I Need Your Love(Jacob Black)

A Jacob Black love story.

Chapter 1


Ariana Pov

We ran and ran not knowing where to go. I was exhausted. I needed to stop but I knew I couldn't. But I felt so weak.

We ran in the forest trying to get away. My heart was beating fast and blood was rushing to my head. I felt my ears pounding. I knew I had to stopped but if I stop that could cause me my life.

I looked toward the forest in front of me seeing the green glass, green trees. It was actually really pretty if I wasn't running for my life.

I glance at Tony and saw him running next to me in his gray and black wolf form. I sighed as I felt myself slowing down. My head pounding, me feeling light headed.

I heard a whimper on the side of me and I looked and saw Tony staring at me. He whimper and I sighed as I looked forward and saw it was starting to rain.

"I have to stop" I whispered to him as I left my heart was about to explode. I slowed down and collapse on the ground breathing heavy.

Tony came into my view in his wolf form and whimpered as he nudge me. I looked at him wanting the pound in my head to stop. I was dizzy.

I closed my eyes and open them again seeing black spots. I heard Tony whimpered again and I sighed as I felt myself fading into darkness.

"I'm sorry" Was that last thing I said to Tony before everything went black.

Tony Pov

"I'm sorry" Ariana whispered before she closed her eyes. I stared at her just as I smelt the leeches close by. I turn and growl as I saw three of them come into view.

I knew I wasn't going to be able to fight all three of them off by myself. I stared at the three leeches and growl and they laughed.

"Well, looks like your friend won't be much of a help, but she smell very good" the blonde one smirked as he looked at Ariana. I stepped in front of her and growl. They looked at each other and smile.

"This should be fun" The girl smile as she looked at them and then me. Just then I heard a growl come from behind me. I saw the three leeches eye widen in fear as they stared behind me.

I turn my head a little to see what had them so scared and saw a pack of wolves. I stared at them and look back at the leeches just to see them take off running. I let a breath of relief out as I turn and looked at the wolves.

The black one growl at me as I stared at him. He looked at Ariana and growl. I growl at him and he looked at me and than her and ran off in the trees. A few seconds later came a man.

"I'm Sam Uley, You're pretty far from home aren't you" He spoke as I stared at him not making any movements.

"It would be nice if you would phrase back so we can understand what your saying" He spoke as he stared at me.

I look at him and than at Ariana not wanting to leave her out my sight. He looked at her and than me.

I sighed as I took a breath and focus on changing back. I felt my body changing back into a human. Once I was human I grabbed the shorts tied to my ankles and put them on.

I kneel down next to Ariana checking for a pulse and felt one. I sighed as I pick her up and looked at the pack in front of me.

"We need to get her some help" I told him and he looked at her and than me and nodded. "We know someone" He sighed as he stared at me "Jacob, Paul, you stay with me, the rest of you run patrol" The Sam guy told them.

He looked at me and sighed" Follow me" With that he took off running. With the two wolves behind him. I sighed as I looked at Ariana and then took off running behind them.

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