I Need Your Love(Jacob Black)

A Jacob Black love story.

Chapter 2

Who Are You

Tony Pov

I sighed as I stood next to Ariana bed watching the wolves and Leeches watching me. I glance at Ariana and stared at her sleeping figure. She had long black curly hair, Gray eyes, standing at 5'5.

"What your name" The doctor Leech asked as I look at him and they all stared at me waiting for me to talk.

"Tony, and this is Ariana" I told them and he look at me and nodded.

"Well Tony, she's going to be just fine, She's just exhausted and overworked, But her blood type is very different, Like she have some wolf genes and some that are frozen as well" He spoke confused as he furrow his eyebrows.

"That because she's a hybrid" I told them and they all stared at me confused.

"Pardon" The female leech spoke as she stared at me not understanding.

"She's a shape shifter, but also part vampire" I told them and they looked even more confused than ever.

"How is that possible" The Sam guy spoke up as he stared at her.

"Her mom was a shape shifter, and her Dad was a vampire, and they had a baby" I told him irritated as I looked down at Ariana.

"Amazing" the doctor leech spoke amazed by her.

"Oh, my apologies, My name is Carlisle Cullen, That my wife Esme, and that Emmett, Rosalie, Edward, Jasper, and Alice. That the pack Sam, Paul, Quil, Jared, Jacob, Embry,Seth, Leah, Collin, ands Brady" Carlisle introduced everybody.

I just nodded and sighed as I look at Ariana" So she's going to be fine" I asked again and he nodded.

"Is she your imprint" Sam asked me and I shook my head as I look at him. I look at everybody in the pack but I felt a pull to my left and I look and saw the Leah girl. She look up at me meeting my eyes.

I froze feeling my breath caught in my chest.

It was like a blind man seeing the sun for the first time, I would be, do anything for her. Nothing mattered but her. Gravity was no longer holding me there, she was.

"Did they just imprint on each other" I heard a voice asked.

"Yeah" I heard another voice confirmed. I stared at her and she stared at me. Just as I heard movement. I instantly look toward Ariana seeing she move some and she was waking up.

Ariana Pov

I open my eyes and instantly closed them back due to the room being so bright, I open them eyes letting my eyes adjust to the light.

"Ari your okay" I heard Tony voice whispered. I looked at him and smile" Hey" I whispered to him and he smile pulling me into his arms. I wrapped my arms around him as he let out a breath.

I pulled away from him a little confused to how I was still alive as the memories came rushing to my head. I stared at him but he cut me off pressing his lips to mines.

But this kiss was different, it wasn't feel with love or anything. It was just a kiss. I pulled away and he stared at me confused.

"How, what happened, I suppose to be dead, those vampires" I started but he smile and looked behind me. I turn and saw a pack of shape shifter and vampires.

"They save us, those wolves" He told me. I nodded as I look at them "Thank you" I told him and they just nodded.

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