Things U Should Know 2

Chapter 1

T.U.S.K. 2

by: _xy_
other people's opinions about u dont matter
dont depend on people 2 much, be a little independent
make ur days good day
sometimes talking about something can show ur strength, not ur weakness
apologizing isnt always accepting the other person is right, it shows u care more about ur relationship than ur ego
ur beautiful, dont let people say otherwise
violence doesnt resolve anything
lying leads to more lying which leads to a lot of weight on ur heart, try as hard as u can 2 be truthful
dont let anyone stop u from wat u love
live ur life, dont let other people live ur life to fix their mistakes
music heals the soul
sometimes all u need is a hug, try 2 accept it
dont hide behind the mask of hair or makeup
God loves u, no matter wat u hav done
wen u feel like ur falling apart, just open ur eyes, im certain there is someone there for u, whether u see them or not
smile, its contagious


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