I am...

Chapter 1

by: The_Hero
I am invisible,
You never notice me,
I can stand right in front of you,
But still I'm never seen,

I am silent,
When I try to talk I’m never heard,
Even if I scream and shout,
I can never get the right words out,

I am nothing,
When I’m here you don’t notice,
When I’m not you don’t care,
Why do I do this?

I am no one,
You never know my name,
You call me “them” or “you,”
I don’t think you ever really knew,

I am different,
I try to blend in,
But I still stand out,
My mind is always filled with doubt,

I am a person,
I can feel,
I can bleed,
I can hide my scars,

I am me,
I can’t change,
Even though I’ve tried,
All I can do is hide,

You are you,
You are different,
You are a person,
Looks like you’re like me.


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