A House Doesn't Make It Home

This is another story by (Amber)Volleyballgirl527 & Me(msdoneasha13)


Chapter 1

New Home

Kira Pov

I looked at the house in front of me and stared at it. It was our new foster home. I sighed as I looked over at my sister wondering what she was thinking. The last Foster home I got kicked out of because I was fighting for defending my sister and she wanted to come with me.

We been separated once and we refused to be separated again. I sighed as I looked at our case worker and she was explaining how there was 12 other kids already living there.

I looked at the case worker and frowned so there going to be 14 of us in this house was she serious.

"I know it sounds like a lot of kids but its for the best right now..hopefully Kira stays out of trouble this time..."

I look at her and sighed as I looked at the house again.

"come on lets meet your family" she beamed as she walked up the stairs and knocked on the door.

I sighed as I slowly trailed behind my sister and sighed as I looked down.

"Hello!!!! its nice to finally see the girls..i just know there going to like it here" A lady smirked

I looked at her and frowned as she smile and looked at us. I stared at her already not liking her.

"Girls, this is Mrs. Howard. Your new foster parent" Our case worker spoke as I looked at her. She was looking at me and my sister.

I sighed as I ran a hand through my long dark brown hair. I looked over at my sister and sighed.

"Come in girls" Mrs. Howard spoke as we followed her inside. I sighed as look at my case worker.

"Stay out of trouble Kira" she told me and I rolled my eyes. In the pass 2 months we been to 10 different homes.

I looked around as Mrs. Howard closed the door behind us. We followed her to a room with 2 girls and looked at us.

"You will be staying in here with them" She told us as we said nothing. I sighed as she walked off and me and my sister walked into the room. I looked at the two girls.

I wasn't much of a people person at all. I would rather be alone somewhere. I walked over to the two empty bunk bed as my sister followed. I sat on the empty as the two girls watched us.

"I'm Maria, and this is Brianna" Maria smile at us. I looked at her as I looked over at my sister seeing if she was going to respond.

I stared at them with my gray eyes as I sighed.

Zayden Pov

I smile as I shot the ball in the basket again. I looked at the guys.

"Thats game" I smirked as I looked at them. We had a game of basketball going on right now.

"Man Zay you get on my nerves" Brandon frowned as I just laughed.

"But I'm about to go" I told them as I did our handshakes and grabbed my gym bag.

I left the park and went home. I saw my brother and gave him a head nod. I went to my room and grabbed some clothes and went to the bathroom.

I stopped and looked in the mirror. I stared at my light skinned frame. Curly hair and Hazel eyes. I smile as I looked at myself and then got in the shower.

I got out the shower and got dress as I changed into a tank top and basketball shorts.

I walked out my room and went in the living room seeing my mom. I smile as I saw her and my brother sitting on the couch.

I sat down and looked at them as I ran a hand through my hair.

"What going on?" I asked them as I looked at them.

"You coming from the park" Mom asked me and I nodded.

"Play some ball with the guys" I told her and she looked at me.

"That all you do, you're 16 years old and all you do is play ball" She shook her head and I smile.

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