Life Of A Mudkip

Life Of A Mudkip

Chapter 1

A Life That Was Gone

My foot sets on top of the water, testing it while the rest of my body stays on land. “Husky, come on. It’s about time you learned how to swim!” My dad exclaims, “Okay, dad!” I yell as I hop into the water and move my legs like he always does. Instead of floating and moving forward I start sinking- “Daddy! Help!” I feel a sudden force come up from the water below me and I see dad’s huge head- well, huge in comparison to my body. He’s a Swampert. “Daddy!” I laugh as he rushes through the fresh water at incredible paces. He laughs too and then dives under, I hold myself between his two large fins on top of his head, we rush through the water. “You’ll be able to do this one day, Husky.” Dad says to me, “Really, daddy?” I ask with a smile that he can’t see. We both resurface. I hug him and he lifts me off his head into his huge hands. He smiles at me with the biggest smile ever. “I love you, Husky.” He says happily, “I love you too!” I say copying his smile. “Okay, let’s get you to bed. The sun is setting and we don’t want a noctowl swooping you up. RAWR!” He says as he picks me up. I see one last glimpse of the beautiful sunset before going into a large tree- our home. I have one sibling- a marshtomp. He evolved a while before I was born but he’s always looked out for me. One day I’m going to return the favor- I know it. I lay down on a pile of leaves. The darkness rises and I fall asleep.

“Sammy! Can we play outside?” I ask my older brother. He doesn’t reply, he just stares out the door. “Come on!” I exclaim as I run out the door. “Husky- No!” He yells back. “Why wou-” I realize the reason in the middle of speaking. I look up and see a trainer. He has a light green backpack. A white hat with a black head band. Red shirt and black pants. “Hey, a mudkip!” He says excitedly. I take a few steps back, I can’t be caught- Daddy, Sammy, what would I do without them? “I’m gonna catch it!” he whispered to himself, I shook my head. If I go back inside then he’ll know where Daddy and Sammy live. I can only do one thing- run. I start moving my legs the other direction, towards where the lake is that Daddy took me for a ride in. I can’t swim but I can breath underwater. I hop into it. He stays at the top of the lake, not going into the water. There are dangerous pokemon in this water, but my dad knows them all well so I don’t think they’re going to hurt me. Suddenly, the boy hops into the water he tries to swim down to where I am but a Huntail knocks him away. I hope he isn’t persistent. He goes down again this time avoiding the Huntail. With a pokeball in hand he grabs me and touches the button to my head. It’s pitch-black in the pokeball. I need to get out. I start body slamming the wall of the pokeball, eventually it breaks open. I swim up immediately and start running again. This time I watch him throw the pokeball at me. I take a deep breath and hold it while keeping my eyes shut. A few seconds later I expect to see the darkness of the pokeball again, instead, I’m still outside. I see a spray of water shooting the pokeball back at the trainer. “Husky, get inside!” Daddy yells to me.

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