Chocolate Games

Mello x Matt. I think this is gonna be a two-shot, but I'm not yet positive.
Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note. No matter how much I wish I did.
Yaoi Lemon and a bit OOC, sorry, so if you don't like, don't read. Enough said.
PS: Lemon is in the next chapter. Yeah, so much for Enough Said.... XD
Enjoy! I will update soon!

Chapter 2

Found Out

by: Lawli_pop
"Uh... M-Mello?... Wh- H-How is that gonna-..." Matt stuttered, eyes wide.
"What? Scared, Mattie?" Mello smiled slyly.
To be honest, he kind of was. Matt's mind whirred as he tried to grasp hold of exactly what was happening. Then Mello swiped his thoughts away with a harsh, bruising kiss. Matt turned a dark shade of red, feeling a bulge growing in his pants, and tried to hide his own hard problem by closing his knees together. Unfortunately, this attempt did not go unnoticed. Mello backed away and tugged off the chord tying up Matt and then quickly straddled him as to not let him get away. Not like he was going anywhere, but Mello wasn't going to take any chances. Before getting on top of him, Mello had managed to pull off Matt's pants while unwrapping the game chord and was now running his hands along Matt's soft skin, working his way downward. Matt bit his lip when Mello bent down and licked his chest as his hands explored what parts of him used to be covered by boxers that now littered the floor along with the rest of his clothing. He bit harder to try and conceal a soft moan as Mello took his member into his hand, rubbing hard. "Nnn..." Mello grinned at his success when Matt finally let a long moan escape his lips.
"M...Mello-.... W-What are you d-doing?"
"What's it look like?" Mello cocked an eyebrow, raising himself up and positioning above Matt.
"I don't know, that's why I a-ANGH!" Matt gasped loudly. Mello lowered himself onto Matt quickly, slamming against him.
"Unngh...Nnn!!" Mello winced at the sudden pain, tightly closing his eyes.
Matt groaned in pleasure, feeling Mello clench around him. Mello fought the urge to cry out and tried to adjust to Matt's size. He then pulled almost all the way out, before crashing back down again, aided by Matt's hands on his hips. Mello screamed in pain. Matt, burning with pleasure. Matt looked up curiously at the blonde above him, seeing a tear trickle down his cheek. "Are... Are you okay, Mells?" He asked. He had never imagined ever seeing Mello...Well...CRY.
"F-Fine..." Mello quickly wiped off the tear and, mentally telling himself to man up, slammed himself down on Matt a third time. But this time the results were different. Instead of pain, an overwhelming pleasure spread throughout his body and he could've sworn he was seeing stars. He moaned loudly and in sync with Matt. Then he sped up his pace, making sure to hit that same spot repeatedly.
"Nnn! M-Mello!" Matt arched his back, bucking up into him as his release came long and hard deep inside the tight-fisted Mello.
Then the door swung open.
"Matt! Are you okay? I heard- WHAT THE HELL??!?!?" BB stood in the doorway staring wide-eyed at the two blushing boys on the floor.
Mello was the first to speak up. "Is it NOT obvious?? You just said it fúcking twice! WHY THE HELL DID YOU COME IN HERE, FÙCKING BASTÁRD?!?"
Beyond threw his hands in the air and stomped towards Mello. "Well I didn't exactly expect to walk in on THIS, smart-àss. What was I supposed to do, genious?? I heard you scream and Matt shout, and that's really not something anyone would expect to hear from either of you. YOU SOUND LIKE A FÙCKIN GIRL, MELLO!"
"Your point BEING???" Mello was redder than ever and very annoyed. Matt felt extremely embarassed and VERY awkward.
B laughed. "You're GAY?? And you didn't tell me?" The onyx-haired boy was now laughing his head off.
"It's not something you would really go around telling people about, BB." Matt glared at the laughing maniac.
"Beyond, what are you-" Another voice came from around the corner and L's slim pale figure came into view. The surprised look on his face when he saw Matt and Mello tangled up on the ground was priceless. The what-did-I-just-see look was plastered all over him.
"I heard that idiot screaming..." Beyond Birthday, pointing at Mello, explained between laughs. "And walked in on THIS!"
"I have no words to explain how much this disturbs me." L blinked, putting a finger to his lip.
"Hah! Like you have room to talk." B continued laughing as L turned his head away to avoid showing any sign of emotion. "Lawli-pop."
"Please refrain from calling me that in front of-"
"Why not, Lawli-pop?"
"Because I don't believe it's necessary to refer to me as anything other than my name while we-"
"Are in the company of THEM?" B interrupted. "Don't want THEM knowing the truth, DO WE? Lawli-pop?"
L was about to turn and leave when B suddenly pinned him against the wall. L gasped in surprise and was quickly silenced by B's lips being pressed against his.
Matt's jaw dropped and Mello rubbed his eyes. L and BB were....
They could hear L moan as B deepened the kiss and ran his hand up L's shirt. "So.... Wanna tell them?" B said against L's sugary mouth. "Or do you want them to Find Out?"

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