Hi There :3

Hey guys it's been a while just a few things I wanted to find out about!

Chapter 1


by: nyan_sama
Hello all, so I have a few questions. I'm on here periodically now I'm more on Quotev because it has more WWYFF's here's my profile btw (https://www.quotev.com/BeyondMona). Okay so here are the questions, How would you all feel about me coming back onto this website also? If I do come back more I'm not going to be continuing Welcome to Wonderland I'd be starting a new one (I'll give options soon). I was wondering if I truly come to make them on here and not post the quiz on Quotev would you guys actually take it? I'm going to set up a Survey soon and I'll send the link out to answer these! Thank you all for your time if you read this!


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