Chapter 1

by: The_Hero
If I were to die,
Would you miss me?
If I were to cry,
Would you stay with me?

If I were gone,
To just disappear,
Would you look for me?
If I were wrong,
Would you leave me?

If I were alone,
Would you be with me?
If I were scared,
Would you comfort me?

If I were weak,
Would you help me be strong?
If I were a burden,
Would you still carry me along?

If I cry,
And tell you I want to die,
Will you help pull me through?

If I want to disappear,
And be forever gone,
Will you tell me I'm wrong?
Will you help me stay?

When I am scared,
When I am alone,
Will you help prove me wrong?

I am weak,
Please help me be strong,
I don’t want to be a burden,
But will you help me carry on?

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