Chapter 1

by: The_Hero
I don’t let them see me,
Not when I'm sad,
Not when I cry,
Is it wrong to wish to die?

I wear a mask every day,
It smiles for me,
It laughs for me,
But it’s not me,

This painted smile is washing away,
I'm scared what they might say,
I can’t let them know,
I can’t let them see,
I wish I wasn’t me,

They say it’s selfish,
They say it’s stupid,
But why?
It’s not much,
But it’s mine,
I should have the choice,

What is it that makes me so different?
I breathe,
I think,
I bleed,
But they still feel the need to torture me,

The voices in my head always fight,
Some say don’t,
Others say do,
I can’t tell which is true,

Do I fight and fall,
Or fake strength and lose it all?
I carry them through,
But I will never let them see,
All the pain that hides within me,

“Death” means comfort,
“Life” means pain,
“Knife” is savior,
My “crazy” seems sane,

I can’t choose who I am,
I can only try,
But when my only talent is failure,
Is it even worth the time?

I don’t want to feel this way,
I don’t want to die,
But that’s the only thought,
That races through my mind,

I hate to live,
But I'm scared to die,
Pain is the only thing,
I have in my life,

When death means comfort,
And life means pain,
When my knife is my savior,
That I hold in my hand,
I’ll wear my mask,
I’ll hide my pain,
And stay silent,
Time and time again,

Is death wrong?
Is this selfish of me?
It’s my choice,
It’s my broken life,
It’s my hidden pain,

I don’t want to live another day,
I don’t want this,
The voices grow louder,
The hurt gets worse,

I won’t be the first,
I won’t be the last,
I can’t fix my broken,
I can’t heal my pain,
I won’t let this keep happening,
Again and again.


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