I'm sorry...

Chapter 1


by: pensively
...I'm sorry for abandoning Quibblo.

Um, I'm not really sure how else to say it. I don't want to beat around the bush or anything. I really miss this community, and I want to come back, because I love the connections I had with so many wonderful people...I'm not sure how it's doing now. :)

So... I abandoned so many projects and things without very much warning, so...I'm really, really sorry. I may or may not try to be active in the future. It depends on what my schedule permits, I guess. I hope some people who I used to know are still active, though!

So, yeah...that's about it? I have some quiz ideas I may carry out soon, so that'll be fun! :) Again, though, I'm sorry for just vanishing on so many of you. I hope your lives are going well. ;D

Love you all! <3



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