Where Have All the Emo Kids Gone?

Chapter 1

Is There Anybody Out There?

I'll be the first to admit I haven't been on Quibblo in years, but every time I do log in just to see what's up, there seem to be less and less people on my friends list. Most of them have deleted their accounts... and I guess I kind of got emotional over that today because I miss it. It's not the early 2000s and 2010s anymore and the emo kid thing has died down. We were always pretty sad, but at least we were sad together, and I sort of miss that companionship of knowing that all those people had the same problems as I did and liked the same bands that I did. Do you still listen to the same emo rock bands that you listened to when you were 15? Do you still have dyed hair with bangs that cover one eye? Do you still struggle with depression? Do you still wear black skinny jeans? Is any one of you still out there? Where are my emo kids at?

I remember how much I wanted to date a guy who wore skinny jeans and had emo hair and piercings and who just GOT me cause he had the same problems with depression and self-harm, and I realized just now that that's still my "type", it's just become less realistic because all the emo boys and girls grew up and most of our community is gone now. I'm 18, I should have gotten over the "phase" as well, but 70% of my wardrobe is still black and I still wear band shirts and listen to Black Veil Brides and My Chemical Romance, and I still have depression, and I still have scars, and I just wonder, am I the only one who's stuck in the past? Am I the only one who never left the early 2000s?

Is anyone still here?


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