Crumble troubles

a beautiful lady who when she touches anything including houses and people turns everything into peas, finds true love, but cannot physically touch there lover, so goes on a quest to find a cure for herself.

Chapter 1

love at first crumble

Mouth wide open, her eyes open in shock, she couldn't get over how clean cut, and handsome he was. While he spoke to her, she couldn't help but just drool.
He was asking her out on a date, she was about to say yes, when she remember, her thoughts came back to realisation, when she realised she cant go on a date with this guy, everything she touched crumbled to peas, green small peas.
she shook her head in disbelieve and jumped on the train, tears rolling at a speed down her cheeks, thinking how will she ever be intimate with a man, well not even a man, any human beings.


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