Yeah... Don't read this. I'm most likely posting in the middle of class, because I need someone to talk to and no one will. If you read this, you do so at your own risk (be prepared to know me better than you ever wanted to know anyone)

Chapter 1


When you're crying in the back of the class, hoping to God that no one notices. Whoops, sorry. Of course the random mood drops aren't going to stop just because you're actually trying. ::opens arms:: Come here depression, I've missed you so:) I suck at life. I just don't understand how normal people do it. Someone needs to explain to me how to life, before I screw mine up even worse. If that's possible.

How do people ignore the crap that goes on? Because some days I wish I could... The girl in the bathroom crying. The boy in the hallway with the bracelets that don't cover his wrists quite enough to hide the cuts. The quiet kid in the back that thinks they are hiding their bruises, but isn't really. The people are all around you. HOW THE HELL DO YOU IGNORE IT? Because let me tell you, I can't. All of you people that ignore each other, refuse to see what goes on in the world,

Why is fear so scary?

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