Update - October 2016

Update - October 2016

Read on, mate.

Chapter 1

Yo, yo.

So, I've not been making anything, really, lately. I'm just not feeling motivated lately and I've also got stuff to do for university. I have been making a new personality quiz, however, so look forward to that. I don't know when I will post it, but I will eventually.

I'm not the kind of person whom really likes to stick to schedules, I don't mean to seem lazy, but I just don't really value planning absolutely everything. Thanks for being so patient with me, hopefully, when the holidays come up, I'll be more active here...but otherwise, it's mostly just chatting to people here on Quibblo.

I would like you to read my newest chapters of my rant book too - if you get several invitations to my story called "An Unoriginal Idea - Chapters of Complaints", please do me a favour and give it a read.

I will be sending invitations to them multiple times, because when I do, it's because I typed up a new chapter and would value your thoughts and comments on my rants. Thanks a bunch, for sticking with me, even until now...I really appreciate it.

Besides my situation with my family and exams looming closer - I am pretty satisfied, lately. I am happy with my boyfriend, my other friends that take care of my emotions - where my family do not, and I like my degree for the most part. This is the best year of my life and I feel like I'm actually living more, lately. (:

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