Random stuff at my college

Umm yeah.. some are awkward xD

Chapter 1

Here we go

1. One day I had a class on a corridor which had a single closet on it. I was standing nearby with some friends and suddenly we decide to open it to take a look. We found a sink...

2. Some random guy comes up to me and asks "Hey where is room A11?" and I was surprised he didn't know because we've all been told the first number means the floor and we have a large entrance as we go in college and two stairs that lead to the first floor. And I told him "go up those stairs you see, turn around and go left" and he asks "which stairs?" I said "it doesn't matter" and he asks again "those ones? I don't get it.." I was like "dude are you high or something?" I didn't tell him of course then I pointed again and he still was unsure what to do after going up so I left...

3. Played piano tiles 2 a whole class while also trying to listening to the teacher. Understood the lesson and bought more songs. Double win!!

4. The time when one teacher forgot the projector off and was explaining us the lesson like that a whole hour until he noticed. He was comfortably sitting at his desk :P

5. The time when my math teacher's slideshow was blocked by some projector notifications and he realized in the last minutes...

6. The time when I had a test and the computer I was at was broken -_- had to take the test alone next week.

7. First year, first semester everyone thought I'd fail because I couldn't understand C language... learn it well right some days before my exam.

8. I had an exam and a friend was near me trying to copy with his phone. The examiner came behind him (we were in some large room with rows of desks and seats made of wood) and kept whispering to him "Give me your notes" and he said "I don't have any" and kept hiding his phone in his lap until the teacher left and quickly put it back in his pocket.

9. The time when I went to the bathroom for the first time and got in the girls bathroom...

10. We have first floor and half, second floor and half and so on.

11. President came to our college... the traffic was a huge parking lot.

12. Teachers actually shake our hands sometimes when we meet o.o

13. Made one of my friends go out to the blackboard by being unsure on what I know and told the teacher "He knows better and keeps telling me but doesn't want to go out" xD

14. Almost forgot my backpack in a room.

15. Gave the wrong theory to someone accidentally o.o

16. A girl asked for a cigarette from a teacher and he gave her one.

17. One of my first year teachers came to college on a low bike xD he plays guitar and was in a band

18. One teacher admitted she wanted to fail more of us by saying "Knowing how many I failed last year, you should be less here". Fortunately she doesn't teach my group :P

and done... until I remember more


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