The Story of the Drumpf Administration

This is a story about Donald Drumpf, and his presidency. It is set in the future, specifically the next four years.

Chapter 1

The Fifth President to Win the UN-Popular Vote

Once upon a time there was an overweight business man, who was married to a communist woman who was considerably younger than him. His name was Donald Drumpf. He had his successes and his failures, and believed he was the greatest man in America. One day Mr. Drumpf decided what better way to promote his business than to run for U.S. president. So he became a republican candidate despite the fact that the top party members hated him. Months later Donald Drumpf won the republican party primary, and headed on to fight Hillary Clinston to be the number one top dog in the U.S. On the night of November 8th, 2016, Mr. Drumpf won the election despite not receiving the popular vote. People were angry, and riots ensued, but like or not fat cat Donald Drumpf was now the 45th president of America. Soon January would come and bring Mr. Drumpf's inauguration.......


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