T.I.S.C. the story of Daniel

Enjoy reading ;)

Chapter 1

Day 1: Young boy Danny

Long, long, long, stares to the left long, long, long omg so long cough sorry.. long time ago there was a young boy named Daniel. He was raised in a family of peasants in the sweet Happy-Not-Ever village. The village was part of a kingdom and the kingdom was part of a land and the land was part of a continent and... sorry, you know what I mean. Little Daniel spent everyday with his friend playing pranks on neighbors and reading his book called "The Fabulous World of Cursing People and Getting Away With It" written by "Mark D. D. Hammerstein". The story of Daniel is simple... his parents fell in love and you know what happened... public silences Oh come on people, you know! He was grown up by his parents and grandparents until age of 12 when he was taken in care by his parents separately. His grandparents retired and are living in a different village. Daniel had no school to go to so he was taught everything at home. Sometimes he worked, sometimes he didn't give a flying pig about what happens. One day he sees a poster in town while he was playing with his friends. It was an event hold by the king: "The International Swearing Contest".
- Holy mother of cows! Finally I can find a use for all my hard work.
his friends stepped back
- D..D..Daniel where do you know such phrases?
- I learned on me own of course! I never expected such fluffy arse event to happen! I must go! I must go with any price! keeps looking at the poster holy big arses! Free lifetime supplies from the king for who wins the first place and a secret challenger! I must prepare for this.
- How do you know you will win? There might be some advanced tongue-trained people.
- Yeah, what will you do?
- Guys, guys I got this okay? I will simply go and sign up.
And so starts the journey of Daniel. He ran straight to the palace where the event was hold and signed up. A strange teenager approaches him and says:
- Hahahah you scrappy loaf of bread, you think you can beat me? I will fart on you and your hat!
- I admire your mother for raising such an ordinary piglet with a perfectly snout-shaped nose.
- mumbles I'll see you at the contest you naked monkey.
Daniel ran back to his friends and said:
- Guys I made it! I have signed up!
- Umm Danny... we have a problem. There is a final challenge, you must face the king.
- I gotta train hard for this, the event starts in 5 days.
Daniel went back to his home and found his parents waiting in kitchen.
- Sit down young boy! said the father. I am very disappointed... hahah I'm just kidding boy, you make me proud as a swine in mud!
- I am totally against this you dirty boy and must teach you a lesson, a lesson about choosing your words and to make sure you win!
Danny looked surprised and started his first day of training by reading more books about how to swear and how choose your words.
To be continued....


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