Death the Kid has always been disgusted with how Soul Eater dressed himself. So he decides to give him a hand. But what he didn't expect, was how absolutely symmetrical Soul would look once Kid had fixed his attire. And how absolutely flawlessly beautiful he was without it all... Soul is too perfect. There's just one problem...
Soul x Kid
Yaoi boyxboy, yadayada, dont like don't read, M L8r
Disclaimer: I do not own Soul Eater or any characters.
Enjoy the lemony smuttness: Perfect.

Chapter 1

Shut up and take off your clothes.

by: Lawli_pop
Soul looked over his shoulder to see Kid glaring at him from behind. If a look could kill, Soul Eater Evans would be one very dead guy. And being dead was definitely uncool.

Death the Kid grumbled something to himself as he dug his nails into his palms. His eyes were glued to Soul's stupid asymetrical white hair and headband. Not that the weapon's clothes were any better. He glared with half-lidded golden shades at the back of Soul's head as if he could burn a hole through it with his stare.
Kid smiled to himself upon seeing Soul shift uncomfortably in his chair, knowing the shinigami was pouring all his hatred and disgust for all things asymmetrical into one heated glare.

When a bell rang, Dr. Stein announced that class was over, and Soul immediately grabbed his study book and stood from his seat, walking hurredly towards the exit of the room while trying to keep a "cool" appearance. This, of course, was very hard to do for a number of reasons.

"Soul Eater and Kid. Not you." Soul froze at hearing Stein's words as everyone else walked around him. He rolled his eyes.


Maka and Tsubaki walked past- as did Liz and Patty after settling with Kid that they's meet him back at Lord Death's place.

"Soul, would you mind telling me what you did to get Kid so mad at you?" Stein interrupted Soul's thoughts.

"That's what I'd like to know." Soul shrugged.

"Kid, why were you glaring at Soul? Not that it's any of my business, or that I care for any reason, I'm simply curious." Stein addressed the dark haired shinigami.

"Why wouldn't I?" Kid burst out and began pacing around Soul. "Look at his attire! Completely disgusting!! Asymmetrical garbage! His hair is a mess and all brushed to one side, his headband is horrifyingly lopsided, his whole outfit disgusts me!!!"

"Like you have room to talk." Soul laughed, nodding at the three horizontal white stripes on one side of Kid's perfectly neat black hair.

Kid's face reddened at the sensitive topic, and he immediately began pounding his fists on the floor and crying about how horrible he was and how he was a disgusting excuse for a shinigami and not worthy of being Lord Death's son, etc.
Soul wasn't sure what to make of this.
He deserved it. Call me disgusting, will you....

"Sorry boys, but I can't have you arguing or whining in my class. You are both to spend the weekend at Soul's house, and learn to get along." Stein instructed.

"WHAT?!?" The two said in unison.

"You heard me."

"Y..You can't do this to me! I can't live with... with.... him!" Soul's face reddened for a number of reasons.

"Why does it have to be at Soul and Maka's house?? I'm positive it's an absolute MESS! I must have symmetry!!" Kid crossed his arms and scowled at Stein.

"Oh well. You'll figure SOMETHING out." Stein laughed and walked away, leaving Soul and Kid in the classroom alone.

"I hate your imbecilic asymmetrical guts." Kid insulted.

"I'm supposed to be offended?" Soul laughed. "YOU'RE not even symmetrical, so why force symmetry on other people?"

"It all HAS to be PERFECT!! EVERYTHING must be perfectly symmetrica-..." Kid paused.

"Yes? Finally realizing the stupidity and total uncoolness of all this? Do continue." Soul smirked to one side, infuriating Kid.

"No! You ruined it!!" Kid reached out with one hand to fix Soul's smile. As he touched Soul's lip, an arm blocked it away.
Kid used a hand to pin Soul's arm flat against the wall so he couldn't stop him from moving the white-haired boy's lips.
Soul glared at him, keeping the smirk.

Kid grumbled something under his breath and put his other hand up to Soul's face, only to have it blocked away as well.

Kid was horrified with himself that he couldn't fix this asymmetrical grin and pinned Soul's other hand to the wall as well.

Soul internally laughed at his own victory. Kid would never be able to do anything now. Both his hands were preoccupied holding down his arms. Soul had won. Or... so he thought.

Kid had annother plan. As much as he didn't want to carry it out, he knew it was the only way to get rid of that rediculous smirk.

Suddenly Soul's eyes widened more than they had ever before when Kid's lips crahed against his own. Like that, the smirk disappeared.

Kid pulled away and looked at the incredibly shocked Soul.

"Wh...H-Hold on a s-second... Wh- What was f-for?" Soul stuttered, his face even redder than it was before.

"Fixed your mouth, didn't it?" Kid crossed his arms again, trying to hide his own embarrassment. It HAD worked, after all.

"You couldn't've used something else??"

"I don't think you would have enjoyed it nearly as much." Kid smiled slightly.

"I..." Soul was at a complete loss for words. He's been beaten. With a kiss. From Death the Kid!
That was so uncool...

Later at Soul's place-

"Say WHAT!?" Maka shouted.

Soul rolled his eyes. "It's not my fault, it's Stein. He said Kid has to stay with us for the weekend."


"And you care because?" Soul challenged.


After a little cleaning with no help at all from Soul, who went reluctantly to go pick up Kid

"I don't see why I have to spend my weekend here..." Kid mumbled as they reached Soul and Maka's house. Asymmetrical bàstard...

Soul opened the door and walked in with Kid following behind.

"Hello Kid." Maka greeted. "Sorry about the mess. You'll be staying in Soul's room."

Kid's eyes widened at the complete disaster. I'll have to fix this sometime... Who does this kind of thing?? It's DISGUSTING!!!! Annoyance showed clearly in his expression as Kid made his way to Soul's room.

Expecting the worst, he breathed in and opened the door.

"GYAH!!" Soul heard Kid yell after walking into his room.

No doubt he probably found something I missed..... Soul thought to himself as he walked toward the noise.

"What's wrong?" He rolled his eyes.

"It's.... It's..." Kid stuttered.

"Horrifying? Disgusting?"


"I tried to tell you, I-..... Wait, WHAT??" Soul looked around the spotless, symmetrical room. Maka must have cleaned it.
No no no!! I had everything on the floor where I can find it!! This is a disaster!! Having a clean, organized room is SO uncool!

"Absolutely beautiful!" Kid said happily, placing the two small measuring tapes he had been using on everything in the room back into his pockets. "I would never have guessed! Look at this!"

Soul glared at an invisible Maka before closing his bedroom door behind them and sitting down on a white couch that was against a wall. He noticed with great annoyance that there was annother one exactly identical to it against the wall across from him. Soul had a rather large bedroom with plenty of space for furniture.

Damn Maka...

Soul continued grumbling to himself as Kid unpacked his two black bags that he had brought his things in.
After the shinigami had arranged all his things in a perfectly symmetrical area on the floor, he stood up to once again admire the gorgeous room.
Everything was perfect..... Then his gaze landed on Soul.
Almost perfect...
He walked over to Soul Eater and crossed his arms once again.

"What?" Soul glanced up at him.

Kid, seeming not to have heard, walked past him and began digging through his closet, being careful not to ruin the symmetry that had been aranged also in there.

"What the hell are you doing, Kid?" Soul said. "Get outa there, that's MY stuff!"

Kid spent annother minute going through things before returning them to the way they were before, and walking over to his own bag. He pulled something black and white out and Soul heard him say something about looking nice and doing perfectly.

Soul's interest piked as Kid grabbed the item of clothing and quickly made his way back over to where Soul was sitting.

Soul raised an eyebrow when Kid set down the clothing and began examining him.

Suddenly, Kid reached foreward and began tugging on the sleve of his shirt, trying to pull his arm out of it.

"Hold it, Kid! Yo, STOP! Wait! Hold on a second! What the fùck are you DOING??" Soul's eyes widened as he pulled away from Kid and backed up against th couch as much as he could.

Kid reached out again. "Your entire outfit is disgusting. It ruins the effect of this room's perfect symmetry."

"I can change MYSELF!" Soul objected.

"But would you?" Kid challenged, pulling off Soul's shirt.

"Hey!" Soul grabbed for his shirt only to have it yanked out of his reach. "You just wanna see me naked, huh?" He angrily accused.

Kid made a disgusted face. "Why would I want to do THAT?? What on earth would give you that idea?!?"

"The fact that you're so obviously gay." Soul laughed to Kid's horrification.

"I am not!"

"And that you kissed me yesterday."

"That was-... An accident!!"

"Oh really? Care to explain how you could ever "accidentally" kiss someone?"

"Your smirk was off! It was disturbing me, so I had to center your mouth! I tried to use my hands, but you wouldn't let me." Kid defended. "That was the only thing I could do to fix it, and it worked!"

"That.... is a surprisingly believable sentence, Kid. Coming from you. But you could have just given up. You could have even tried using your feet or simply asking me to stop."

"It wouldn't have changed anything."

He had a point. If Kid had done anything else, Soul would have just gone back to smirking. Nothing would have worked besides what he did. ...It was still gay though.... Not that that mattered to Soul. He just wanted to win this argument.

"Besides, you didn't protest." Kid said simply.

Soul's face reddened and he looked away.

"Now come on, take off your clothes."


Maka walked down the hallway and stopped when she heard a conversation coming from Soul's room.

She put her ear to the door and heard Kid's voice.

"....Protest.....Now... take off your clothes."

Maka blushed darkly and a wide grin spread over her face. What the hell....? Maybe I heard them wrong...? ......Nah.


"Right here...? Now?" Soul questioned.

"Unless you'd rather I do it. I'm sure I'd be a lot faster."

"I'm sure you would....." Soul grumbled to himself, tossing his headband and shirt on the ground.

"What was that?" Kid snapped.

This isn't how you usually act, Kid..... What's with you...?

"Uh...... Nothing."

"That certainly wasn't nothing...." Kid stated, moving towards Soul and causing him to stand and flatten himself against the wall.

"But.... It was true."

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