The tale of Wendy Meadows

Wendy is a 12 year old girl that lives in a farm with her grandmother. One night, A sudden storm comes to Wendy's farm and everything even the building's and crops were a debris.Wendy wanted help, but she was far from towns or cities. Along her way she had help from a cat, a bird, and a fifteen year old boy. Will Wendy ever get help? Read the story to find out!

Chapter 1

The terrible night (Part one)

"Wendy! Wendy! C'mere, and help your grandma with the cabbage!" Grandma says. "Okay grandma, be there a sec!" Wendy brushes her red long hair from her face.Grandma hates it when Wendy's hair is a mess.When Wendy reached the bottom of the barn, Grandma was already putting cabbage in the fridge. "Wendy, please be a little more quicker. You know... tonight I'm baking my famous cheese-cake! So, if you want more than one piece you have to be a good girl, okay Wendy?" Grandma says. "Of course I'd be good for your yummy cheese-cake!" Wendy said. "Wendy, darling, can you collect some carrots tomorrow? we need them to cook the Westler folks vegetable soup. Ah- and Wendy, I know what your gonna say: Why do we need to give the Westler's some vegetable soup? Well... Their son, I think his name is Spade, loves vegetable soup.And we don't have enough carrots for the soup. So get them tomorrow okay? I already have a lot of stuff to cook and get." Grandma says in a tiring voice. "Okay I will grandma, but can we go to Fiona's Cafe after your operation: Veggie soup?" Wendy says. Grandma smiles. "Of course, just put your hair up in a pony tail, okay? Now go and hang out, is that what young folks say now? With your friends near here, Have fun be young! You have a long life ahead of you!" Grandma says. And then, I was off. To my best friends house. Sarah Nile.

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