Black Ice (An Unconventional Christmas Story) FINISHED

Black Ice (An Unconventional Christmas Story) FINISHED

I wrote this last year but never finished in time to post it before Christmas

I'll be posting a new chapter every day until Christmas :)

When an immortal threat plots to destroy Christmas and possibly the world, Chris -Santa's son- ignores his parents warning and leaves the pole to try and stop it. Teaming up with a group of gothic outcasts Chris finds there's more at stake than originally thought. When the time comes, what will have to be given up in order to give the world Christmas?

Chapter 2

by: Luxray100
“Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock. Jingle bells chime in jingle bell time. Dancin’ and prancin’ and jingle bell square. In the frosty aiiirrr!” ‘Oh god kill me now.’ Ty thought as she strummed lazily on her guitar. She glanced over at her friend Tyler on drums. He looked just as excited as she did.

“Hey. Smile will ya? Not all of us are emo freaks like you.” Gabe, the lead guitarist in the school band, hissed. Ty ignored him. Plenty of comebacks went through her head but she ignored them. With her luck she’d just end up messing it up and Gabe and his friends would have yet another thing to laugh about.

After finishing Jingle Bell Rock, Silent Night, and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer the school concert was finally over. As Ty was putting her electric back in its case she heard some well know voices over by the drums. She looked over and saw Gabe and a few of his friends cornering Tyler.

“Getting ready for your funeral or something?” Gabe sneered. “Can you guys just… Back off?” Tyler said as he placed his drum sticks back in his bag. “Aw come on man. Thought we were buddies? After all we are in the same band class.” “It’s not exactly by ch-choice you know?” Ty said as she walked up. “You could drop out. You can’t even play good anyway.” One of Gabe’s friends said. Ty shook her head. “Come on.” She told Tyler. Tyler stood up and the two of them walked out of the gym.

Tyler and Ty were just two of Gabe and his friends many targets. It seemed as though everyone wearing a black t-shirt secretly had a target on their back. And it wasn’t just Gabe who saw it. About 90% of the students at school could see it. And the rest were either part of the gothic subculture or every day neutrals.

“You h-hear from any of the guys yet?” Ty asked. “Yeah. Kevin called me right before we went on. I didn’t get a chance to say anything though. He said that The Hideout’s closing.” “Well merry C-christmas to us.” Ty sighed. “Yeah it’s so freakin messed up. Why is it that every time we start to get used to something something else has to come along and mess it all up?” Tyler said with frustration. “Life. Plain and s-simple.” “Yeah well life is stupid. Ow!” Tyler rubbed the back of his head where Ty had smacked him. He looked down at her, “That hurt!” “Yeah well you know I don’t like you t-ta-talking like that.” “Shut up. It’s my life so I can do what I want with it.” Ty looked at him with a slight glare. “Ok ok I’ll stop!” He laughed, “Or not.” Ty hit him on the arm with a smirk. “I really hate you some-t-times.” “You know you love me.” He said with a grin. “Nope. You’re a jer-k.”

Ty and Tyler had been friends for years. Even though Tyler already had his twin brother Kevin, sometimes it seemed like he and Ty were more alike than him and Kevin.

“Oh my g-god it’s freezing!” Ty screeched when they stepped outside. “Hahaha you’re such a freakin’ scrub.” Tyler laughed. “I hate the c-old.” Ty said as she pulled her jacket on tighter. “You look like a freakin’ Chihuahua.” “Sh-shut up!” “Hahaha o-k-k.” He said mocking her. “Rem-m-mind me why I hang out w-with you again?” “Because you love me.” He said with a grin. “No.”

Ty had struggled with her slight stutter for years. She hated nothing more than when it decided to show up when she was trying to say something intimidating. “Hey,” Tyler said, “say antidisestablishmentarianism.” “Anti-what-now?” “Antidisestablishmentarianism. Say it.” Tyler laughed. “Antidis-s-st-s-st gah! An-ti-dis-e-stab-lish-men-tar-i-an-is-m.” She said chopping the word up with her hand. She had found out a long time ago that the chopping motion helped stop her stutter when she was having more trouble than usual. Tyler just laughed. “Shut up.”

“Hey guys!” Leon said as he ran to meet them, “I’ve been looking all over for you guys why didn’t you answer your phones?” “We had that stupid Chr-Chri-Christmas concert remember?” “God don’t even remember!” Tyler said in fake anger. “Shut up! It’s not my job to remember every little thing about your lives.” “So what di-did you want?” Ty asked. “We got it.” Leon grinned. “Seriously?!” “Dude you better not be frickin lying to us!” “I'm not I swear! We got the gig!” Leon told them. “Haha YES!” Ty said. The three of them exchanged high-fives.

“Eternally Psychotic” was the name of the friends band. It was made up of Ty as the lead singer\guitarist, Tyler on drums, Leon as second guitar, Kevin on keyboard, and Robby on bass. “Have you told Kevin an-d Robby yet?” Ty asked. “No not yet.” “Well what are you wai-wai-waiting for an invita-ta-tation?! Let’s call ‘em.” Ty said pulling out her phone. She made a three way call and waited for Kevin and Robby to answer. “What do you want?” “Heeeyy!” The two of them said at nearly the same time. “We got the gig!” Tyler blurted. “Really?!” Kevin said excitedly. “All right!” Robby shouted. “Hey who’s up for some pi-pizza?” Ty said. “You’re buying.” Robby said. “Oy who said that?” she asked. “You said it so you get to pay.” Leon told her. The other three agreed and Ty caved. “Oh my god fine!” She said, “God I h-hate you g-guys. So we’re me-eeting up at Sam’s Pizza Place?” “Yeah see you there.” Kevin said. “Hey brother!” Tyler said, “Bring my laptop I left it at home.” “Get it yourself.” “Just bring it Kevin.” Ty told him. “Fine.”

Tyler and Kevin were close but would have humor filled arguments from time to time. Ty was one of the people who had to intervene to get them to shut up.

About ten minutes later the band was all together gathered around a large cheese pizza. “So when do we start?” Robby asked. “The 24th.” Leon told them. “Christmas eve?” Kevin said with slight confusion. “Yeah.” Leon said somewhat reluctantly. “Well I’m game if I can get away-way from my fa-family long enough.” Ty said. “It’s at night though.” Leon told her. “I don’t care. But it’s really up to you g-guys. I ain’t gonna do it unless we’re all th-th-there.” “We can try.” Tyler said. “I’ll just sneak out anyway so why not?” Robby told them. “Same here.” Leon said.

Leon and Robby were both cousins of Tyler and Kevin. And all four of them had a height that was lacking from Ty’s own family tree. The other four were 6’3 and above where as Ty was barely 5’4. As much as they all preferred to blend in most of the time their height and Ty’s obvious differences from her circle of friends only made them stand out more. Although all five of them had naturally tanned skin Ty was the only one with short, brown hair while the guys all had shoulder length, or longer, naturally black hair. They all had jokes of course. Making fun of each other was ironically a nice break from the comments of others. But despite the jokes they were all there for each other when they needed it.

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