Sleepover (GirlxGirl)

Michelle and Elsie have been best friends since the beginning of Highschool. Michelle is a smart girl with a sassy, dominant attitude, and very overprotective of her friends. If you mess with them, you mess with her.
Elsie is more of the quiet type, keeping her dark little secrets to herself, and only showing the world her sweet, friendly, angelic nature. Little did they know the dirty darkness within her mind.

But Michelle has something much darker up her sleeve.

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Chapter 1


by: Lawli_pop
It was Elsie's birthday. Michelle walked along the sidewalk, birthday card in hand. A smile spread across her face as her mind wandered to the plans she had made for that night. A surprise gift that Elsie would never forget.

Elsie had finally gotten her own apartment recently, and invited her best friend Michelle over for a sleepover at her new place. She had cleaned and prepared all day, and was still working.

Standing on her tip-toes on the stepstool she had set up, Elsie reached as high up as she could with her dusting rag and wiped all the dirt and grey dust from the top bookshelf in the living room.

Her blonde hair was tied back in a tight ponytail nearly on top of her head, giving her a cute, innocent look along with the little ruffled apron she wore from when she had been cooking. When Elsie looked in the mirror, she just saw a mess. But anyone else seeing her would have seen the most adorable sight in the world.

"I'd better hurry, Michelle will be here any minute." She said to herself, stepping off the stool and making her way into the kitchen where a small, warm red velvet cake waited to be frosted and decorated.

Just around the corner from the apartment building, Michelle paused in her walk to pull out a phone.
"Almost there~" She wrote on the keyboard, hitting "send" and shooting the message off to Elsie.

Michelle's attire was quite different from Elsie's.
Her long, flowing blonde hair tumbled down smooth shoulders that were covered with a black leather jacket that ended just above her slim, exposed stomach. Tight leather pants covered her flawlessly curved legs, ending in shiny black boots. A purple scarf hung around her neck and dangled in front of her equally curvy torso. A dangerous, yet very attractive girl.

Slung over Michelle's back was a dark purple and black bag that contained sleep clothes, the necessary toothbrush and toothpaste and a few surprises she had in mind for her unknowing friend.

Michelle walked up a row of stairs before finally reaching Elsie's appartment.
She raised her hand and knocked on the door.

Elsie froze at the noise. She wasn't even done with the cake yet and Michelle was already here. Elsie quickly abandoned all tasks and ran to the door, swinging it open.

Michele stared wide-eyed at her friend.

"God you look hot...." She stuttered.

"Um.... What...?"

"Uh I mean... God, you look like you're really hot, do you have a fan on in there or something?" Michele corrected herself.
Nice save....
"You should cool off a bit, it looks like you've been working really hard in there."

"No, I'm fine, really." Elsie smiled. "Come on in." She opened the door wider to let Michelle step in before closing the door behind her.

"Happy birthday, Elsie!" Michelle greeted, pulling Elsie into a warm embrace.

"Thanks Michele. So what'd you get me?" Elsie asked.

"That's a surprise for later." Michelle smirked. "First I wanna play a game."

Elsie nodded, smiling and sitting on the couch.

"Truth or dare?" Michelle began.

"Hmmm...... Truth." Elsie decided.

Michelle thought for a moment..... "Who do you like? Or are in love with?"

Elsie turned red. "Ummm............. That's a hard question. Uh..... Maybe David?" David was a friend of both girls who lived in the apartment beside Elsie's and went to school with them.

"Oh....." Michelle sighed a hint of disappointment on her face. It was then quickly replaced witha smile. "Cool. Your turn."

"Okay. Truth or dare?"


"I dare you........" Elsie thought silently for a moment. "To pick truth." She smiled.

"Heyyy....." Michelle laughed. "That's cheating."

"Nope. It totally counts." Elsie crossed her arms jokingly.

"Alright, fine. TRUTH."

"Who do YOU like?"

"................" Michelle was silent.


"I uh...... don't like anyone that way......" Michelle lied. Oh well. She'd find out soon enough.

Elsie sighed. "Okay."

"Truth or dare?" Michelle asked, eager to change the subject.

"Dare....?" Elsie said, hesitantly.

"I dare you to open your gift."

"Well that's not hard at all." Elsie laughed. She grabbed the thick envelope from Michelle and lid her finger under the opening, suddenly gasping in pain.

"What happened?" Michelle said worredly.

Elsie hissed as the pain worsened. "Paper cut....."

Michelle looked over at the line of red on Elsie's finger and reached forward to take her hand. Elsie looked at her in confusion. Michelle's hand led Elsie's hurt finger to her lips, her tongue darting out and slowly running up the cut.

"Um.... M-M-Michelle....?" Elsie stuttered. "What are you d-doing??"

Michelle's tongue ran upand down the line again before she took the finger into her mouth and brang it back out, looking at Elsies shocked and confused expression.

She suddenly got up and pushed Elsie down against the couch, getting on top of her to prevent her from moving. Elsie was in too much shock to move anyways.

"Wh- Wait-.... What are you-..."

"Surprise." Michelle smirked before quickly leaning down and passionately kissing Elsie.

Elsie's eyes widened drastically as Michelle probed at her lips with her tongue for entrance. Michelle's hand quickly rushed up Elsie's shirt, causing her to gasp and allowing Michelle access to her entire mouth.

Millions of thoughts whirled in her head as Michelle kissed her. Confusion, surprise, fear, and...... something she just couldn't put a finger on. She wondered what the letter had said.

The unopened letter, lying on the floor, had been but a short message with deep meaning.

Dear Elsie,
You mean the world to me and I love you with all my heart. I could never have wished for a better friend than you.... But I want you to be more. I love you. Happy Birthday

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What were Mihelle's plans she had for the now successfully surrised Elsie? What else was in her bag that went along with those plans? Well, I won't tell you unless I get comments! And because I'm tired af and don't have any more time today.

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