Nuketown Zombies

When a mining drill hits a mysterious cluster of rocks, all Hell breaks loose over the town nearby. Sent to investigate the mysterious disturbance is a team of misfits: leader, Sergeant Brian; muscle-man, West; CDC member, Myles; and C.I.A. Agent, Joshua.
Upon arrival to Nuketown, the team are given a less-than-friendly welcome by the occupants: the living Dead! Fighting for survival, the team must work together or face death, but they're not alone when the radio crackles to life...

Chapter 1

Mission: Nuketown

by: Cozy_Glow
Sergeant Brian looked over the report, chewing his cigar with growing concern and disappointment. An epidemic had broken out over a small mining community and showcase town. The CDC had sent in their team. It was nothing special or out of the ordinary.
That had been a few hours ago.
The CDC had reported the team missing and a special report had gone out. Now, the CIA were interested in sending someone, the CDC would send in a specialist and the army would send in Sergeant Brian and his fellow workmate, West. That made this situation ‘something’.

“Know why?” he looked up at his commanding General.
“Why what, Sergeant?” General Taylor looked up from his report.
“Why the CIA is comin’ along?”
“No. They won’t say.”

Brian snorted and read the short files on the two men coming along for the ride. Aside from Brian and West, the team would consist of some smartalec CIA agent, named Joshua; and a small, innocent, baby-faced boy called Myles from the CDC. Nothing short of disappointing.
Brian threw down the papers and stormed out to find West. They would leave tomorrow morn and have to be prepared. West was lounging on his bunk, polishing his guns, when Sergeant Brian entered. He sat down beside his friend, the other giving a nod of acknowledgement. There was a nice silence that Brian had to shatter before he grew content.

“Ya know ‘bout the mission?” he asked, loud and clear. “Nuketown gone to sh1t!”
West nodded. “CIA and CDC interested in comin’ along.”
“No reason as ta why, either” Brian sneered. “Some cover up crap, I bet!”
“Mornin’ leave. 0100 hours.”
West looked at Brian, questioningly. “How long to ‘Town?”
“Couple-a hours by chopper to the closest town, then we drive!.”
“Sounds fun.”


Sergeant Brian raised his helmet and stared at the young lads before him: the CIA Agent in his smart suit and black glasses, and the yellow Hazard suited CDC specialist who looked no more than 20. They all looked ridiculous, the two from the army less so, then the younger men. Myles tapped his Hazard suit helmet with nervous fingers, trying to look and make conversation with at least one of the others, but failing terribly. Brian decided to end his suffering.

“What ya ‘ere for?” he grumbled over the roar of the truck.
“That’s confidential” Mr. CIA said, monotoned.
Myles tried a weak smile. “How about names? I’m Myles.”
“Sergeant Brian” Brian pushed his helmet over his eyes and laid back. “This is West.”
The bigger man nodded at Myles, before looking at Mr. CIA.. “And you?”
“Agent Joshua.”

Myles mouthed an ‘oh’, before looking around the truck. Everything fell back into silence, minus the roar of the truck and the occasional rock hitting the metal sides. Joshua, eyes masked by his dark glasses, scanned over the people in cold calculation and determined none were fit for his companionship or knowledge. Brian couldn’t care less for the younger two. West watched Myles like one watches insects; curious of why such a small boy would be allowed to come along in the first place. Myles was distracted with his satchel, a bag containing many vaccines, test tubes and a pen and pad for jotting down all he could see. He knew more than the rest, but the CIA and CDC had warned him to keep quiet or risk his job, or worse.
Suddenly, the truck shrieked to a halt on the dusty road and a roar of thunder rolled overhead. The men exchanged a concerned look, before one of the drivers arrived at the rear of the truck and let them out. The man looked very nervous, moreso than Myles. Brian looked at the man, then followed his worried gaze to the surroundings and was quite shocked.
The land was just brown dirt or it had been blackened by fire, no plant life or anything living anywhere. The sky was angry red, black and brown with the tiniest glimmers of sunlight poking through black clouds. Goinga round the truck to see the actual town revealed why the land looked so dead and hideous: a large mushroom cloud of black, brown and red was pillared against the sky like an evil statue of destruction.
Myles gulped and put on his helmet, earning his place at the bottom of the ‘respect line’ to Sergeant Brian. The boy already looked like a weedy nerd with his bright yellow Hazard suit and now he was scared of a cloud. Pathetic. Brian snorted disappointment, but it was not just for Myles: it was for Agent Joshua too.
The young man looked boredly at the scene, like he had no emotions in his body or perhaps it was too hard or un-manly to look interested. Either way, Brian didn’t like him much. The man just about smelled of arrogance. Sergeant Brian sneered quietly and looked back at the dangerous scene. Whatever happened here had not been good… and now they had to go in and find out.


The walk to Nuketown was long and the dust kicked up from the truck as it fled made them a little irritant, but it was not too bad. The town was a mess, with only a few buildings standing, some wrecked cars, a bus and a truck, little else. Myles pulled from his bag a Geiger Counter and began sweeping. Brian, West and Joshua stared at him in horror, failing to realise just how dangerous the place actually was! They didn’t have to say anything, as Myles seemed to smile inside his suit.

“It’s safe from radiation~”
Joshua frowned. “That was a dirty trick.”
“I’m from the CDC” Myles replied. “My job is to check for radiation and disease!”

Brian left loose a laugh at the CIA Agent as his cheeks flushed pink. West smiled and chuckled, while Myles laughed too. Joshua hardly found it funny and pushed past Brian to ‘inspect’ the immediate surrounding area. Brian and West, laughing still, headed off in the direction of the blast to see what was beyond the half gone house. Myles stared after them all, wondering where the other team had gone. If they were dead, where were their bodies? If they were alive, why did they vanish? Myles turned on his radio and held the button.

“Hello? CDC Member Myles on radio. Over.”
“Myles, why ya on the radio?” Sergeant Brians’ voice growled over the radio. “We ain’t even far!”
“Well, sir, I am trying to reach the other team that is out here.”

Suddenly, an eerie bell toll sounded from the broken and bent town clock. The sound echoed over the town, then the white minute-hand moved backwards to 3 and the board that sported Nuketowns’ population counted turned over from 00 to 99. Myles stared at it with horror, like one watching a scary film, and his eyes grew wider and wider as he watched a figure climb over a wall and lumber towards him in a manner not exactly human.

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