The Fight

Chapter 1

Some Other day

The pain was sharp, and rage coursed through me
for the barest instant before I began to cry.
The frustration overtook my mind and body,
Allowing the tears to spill.
I wanted to give up, I wanted to fight,
I wanted to scream, I wanted someone to tell me it was okay,
I wanted to explode in a starburst of color.
I stood on shaky legs, forced myself to breath.
I looked up defiantly into the eyes of my enemy,
I readied myself for a fight.
As I inhaled, she did too.
She mirrored my stance as if she knew me, she matched my every move.
This only angered me further, and i gave it everything I had.
I swung with all my might,
I finally subdued the monster.
As I stood in triumph, my breath grew short.
I fell to my knees as my chest grew numb, my vision hazy.
As I fell to the ground, my hand reaching out,
I realized that the monster I had been fighting was the wrong one.
Yes I had won the battle.
But I battled only myself, and nothing more.
The real enemy was behind me, and it had a sword.
The breath left my lungs in a slow exhale.
Through the haze came a voice, and all that I heard
Was “well done my child. I know that you served.
You may have stumbled, you may have messed up,
But you gave your all, and your sacrifice was not small."
A smile crossed my lips and I faded away.
But who knows, maybe you'll see me
Some other day.


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