They will never stop coming... But as long as they do, I will write.

Chapter 1

Nightmares and Monsters

People say that your worst nightmare is the one that wakes you up in the middle of the night screaming. When you wake up in a cold sweat, shaking, and maybe can’t even remember why. That’s not it. You worst nightmare? It’s the one you live through. The one that is always in the back of your mind, that when you fall asleep and dream about, you don’t wake up. You suffer through it, and even if something wakes you up, you still know the ending, and it plays out in your waking mind. Your worst nightmare is your life. You had wondered why no one else saw the monsters under their beds, or in their closets anymore, because you saw them everywhere. But now you know. The others didn’t see them, not because they had outgrown them, but because their monsters had left They had all come to you. No one wanted to be your friend… You were different. You were facing these monsters alone, with no one to turn to. So what did you do? WHat could you do? You made friends with them. The only consistent things in your life, the things that you knew would always bring you some form of pain and misery. It was almost a relief to come home to them. You would greet them as you saw them: “Hey friends, how are you going to cause me pain today? Be it physical? Emotional?” But one day.. Even the monsters left you. You hadn’t seen them out all day, and when you came home from your 3rd job that month.. No one answered. They had left you. You fell to your knees in despair. You weren’t good enough for anyone. Not even the monsters that lived only to cause you pain. The life in your eyes finally dulled. There was nothing in you. You were nothing. And then? As your body gave up, and you couldn’t even take a breath.. As your eyes slowly closed and you fell into sleep… They came back. And it was then that you realized. The monsters were inside you. It had all been a dream. The peace that you had found in your dreams? That had been true.. And the terrors of your everyday life…? That was the nightmare. Your worst nightmare. The thing you were most afraid of. It had become you. You.. Had become it.

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