How Time Flies

Well hi there.

Chapter 1

[title should be here but meh]

by: Soccorro
To y'all reading no matter the timezone.

Out of curiosity -and i won't deny- boredom i decided to log back in just to see what had happened, and man almighty i was surprised.

So much has changed, Everything from the big stuff to the little.
I suppose i was wondering how many of y'all were still here and active.

Through this site i have so many fun memories and made so many friends. Oddly enough i joined after i realized that i wanted to make a quiz. ah good times. i haven't been on this in AGES.

as much as id like to think nothing has changed but in reality it has. we are all getting older (young at heart i hope), our lives have probably changed dramatically. the milestones of life no matter what they may be.

all the things above and beyond

from this year to the next i realize time really does fly.
So make the most of it.

Own those mistakes.
Take pride in victories
Dont grow too fast
Press save on your game
Laugh till you hurt
Smile as much as you can

"Take the risk
Take the fall
If it's what you want...
Its worth it all"

Live by those words...

It keeps life interesting

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