To be Young Again

To be young again would be a wonderful thing,
With a smile on my lips, in my step a spring.
Even now, my heart, I feel it pining
For those long lost days, the times of passion.
When the fires of youth burned brightly,
And naivety was just a part of life.
Innocence was true, and the world seemed new.

Chapter 1

To be Young Again

I’d go outside; see the sun shining.
See the clouds with silver linings.
The flowers by the road,
The green and yellow toad.
Then my friends would come, and away we would run.
Through the fields and woods,
The trees that stand so tall and strong, that support each other in the wind.
We’d make our way to the clearings and the circles.
Sit down and talk and challenge nature like fools.
Then home we’d go, and when our parents asked where we’d been,
The lot of us would make something up, and our parents would know but never say.
That they knew where we’d been that day.


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