The Very Meh Girl

idek just go read it tbh

Chapter 1

Chap 1

I went around school a few times, wobbling through life with no real expectations, I just didn't want to head to chemistry. The number of nomenclatures I had to turn in was ridiculous, 345. It was very possibly only about 10 minutes into the period when I came across the very absolutely meh girl. Usually, not important, I'd continue to stroll down my designated path, but she was doing something quite odd I must admit. I could've just walked away, I really should've, but she was stroking a feather.

Where did she get the bloody feather and why does she still have it? I wouldn't really know but it indeed was happening. Shrugging it off after a few moments of silence, I pivoted and walked towards my chemistry class down the hall. What a meh girl.

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