The day I came out

Right the next part of the story as part of your own coming-out story and if it's the first chapter right the first part of your coming-out story if it's the fourth right the fourth hopefully you know what I mean also right something a little bit inspirational

Chapter 1

Coming to terms with myself

As I lay staring at the ceiling I wonder who I truly am I don't fit the Cookish cutter stereotype for everyone I'm a weird looking cookie the one when you have some dough left over and mold it into a weird shape but I finally come to realize is that this is the way I am it doesn't matter what society labels me as if they discriminate me it only matters that I'm true to myself I have finally fully come out to myself which is the most important part I was scared for a long time that I needed to be that cookie-cutter shape that I needed to be perfect in other peoples eyes I just need to be perfect in my eyes I need to be my own cookie-cutter not labeled as gay lesbian trans bi asexual I am my own cookie-cutter I don't have a label I am simply me and if people won't except that then they are not my true family and friends and I need to find people that will stick by me for the ups and downs in my life no matter where I come from who I am what happens to me who I love what I identify as I'm just me I have my own personality I'm not that kid that likes same-sex that kid that changed their s·x I'm I'm not the kid with no pronouns I'm who I was meant to be and no one will change that no one can and even if they tried they would fail I can be whatever identify as if you identify anything that should be okay our society is so messed up we can except what's right in front of her face they think that since it is now legal in some parts of the world that people are becoming gay or lesbian or transgender we were already this way we just feel like we are able to say it out loud like we're able to come out to the world and not be so hated but to those people who still don't except I know it's hard to think of something that isn't you but please try at least don't say hateful words and discriminate you don't need to keep telling us that is wrong that we are sining we have done nothing we just want to love who we love be who we are just because you don't see us as we truly are doesn't mean we have to be who you want us to because we are perfect we are perfect exactly as we are we don't need to change to make you happy to make our families except us we don't need to be but pretend that we don't love someone or we are someone who we aren't you choose your lifestyle and we choose ours let us be happy you don't have to be friendly to us you have to invite us into your home but don't beat us in the streets have we ever done to deserve this all we want is to love the person who were truly meant to be with your allowed to love who you want all we want is that one little gift please all I'm asking for just leave us in peace to be who you are meant to be and who we really are and to not live in fear of hatred so younger children who are terrified to come out to their parents won't feel as scared they will feel as if they are loved because they are their loved by so many people how can a few words change everything how can you go from loving a person to despising a person just by saying words words that should be excepted we shouldn't have to come out we should just be able to to live day to day just like you do my thoughts are interrupted by my sister she comes to tell me that dinner is ready I sit up in bed reach for my doorhandle I hear my family downstairs I take a few steps that might be my last steps in this house I have made my decision and I can't turn back now


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