A Moment of Time

Chapter 1

A Moment in Time, a Night in Love

She watched him through the screen on her laptop with a soft smile on her lips, and any fool who looked at her could clearly see that she was in love. Lucky for her, she was alone in the room, aside from her younger sister in the bunk below her. She waited until she was sure he was asleep before moving, carefully shifting to a sitting position and pulling up music and a blank document, splitting her screen to be able to watch him as she worked. She stripped off the hoodie she was wearing(one of his), and her shirt. Sitting there in only a bra and her workout leggings, her hair up in a messy bun, listening to "Carry on my Wayward Son," she watched him sleep and began to type. With no story in mind, she simply let the words flow, knowing that she had to get them out. She didn't intend to sleep that night, and that was okay in her mind. HE was asleep, and peaceful, and there were no secrets, no lies, nothing but peace. She decided that one in the morning was one of her favorite times. Glancing over at him every once in a while, she smiled softly, He had no idea how handsome he was, especially with his face unlined from worry or pain, with that light, teasing smile he had fallen asleep with. Her worst fear was that she wouldn't be enough for him. That one day he would leave her. The thought gave her a pause. She didn't deserve him, and she knew it. Where along the way had she decided that she could keep him? A thoughtful look crossed her face, and she looked over at him again. She had no reason to think that she could. But he had promised to stay. For whatever reason, he loved her back. The thought was almost too much for her to process, and it was one that got her through her days, day after day. She kept it close to her heart, and dwelt on it when she thought of giving up. He was everything to her, and she couldn't bear to lose him. She turned back to her writing as the song of the Red Wedding played, and she prayed silently to herself that she would be enough. Somehow, someday. She would be enough.

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