A Moment of Time

Chapter 3

About to hit the Breaking Point

The teacher walks out of the classroom and she lets out a quiet, shuddering breath. I have to calm down.. I have to. Her mind flashes back to the last period, and she bites her lip, trying not to cry. ... Again.
She looks around at all of the excited kids in her classroom and internally sighs. It's presentation day, and she still has no idea what she 's going to say. Having looked at the last, she's only five people down. She scrambles to get some semblance of notes down, and makes a few changes to her one power point slide. Before it seems like 10 minutes has passed, she hears her name. "_______, up to the front. It's your turn to present!" The teacher smiles like she expects something good. "I was impressed with the fact that you read Eve for your novel project. No one else has tried to get through that one."
"Well, you're about to not be impressed anymore." She says with a slight self-deprecating chuckle. "I did this at 10 o'clock at night, and it's terrible." The class talks among themselves, but goes completely silent as she makes her way to the podium. What am I going to say? I don't know how to do this, I don't present. Sure I can preform, or talk, or teach, but not like this! I'm not a salesperson... What do I do? I'm going to get a bad grade, and they're all going to laugh at me, and I can't think of anything to say. What am I going to say?! Her mind suddenly goes from over active to blank, as she looks over the podium at her classmates. Her hands shake and her voice doesn't seem to work. He mind is completely for a moment before all of the sounds that before had seemed so minuscule rush in. She lays the paper on the podium and spins her ring, trying to focus. Her mind is everywhere at once, and the faces that are only reassuring and intent suddenly become threatening. They're judging me. Judge-y people. Dks. All of them. She knows what's happening, it isn't anything new. I'm panicking. I need to calm down. Calm down ___, calm down. She begins to speak, shakily looking from her paper to the board. "A-are you-" She clears her throat and tries to speak clearly. "Are you in color guard? D-do you want to be?" She looks out into the classroom as she speaks, and her mind goes blank again. She giggles quietly, and stifles it before it turns to crazy laughter. "Just imagine yourself" she pauses and looks down at her notes. "imagine yourself on a field, a beautiful sky" she pauses again. *Come on, get yourself together." She blanks out, and can't think. About ten seconds later, with no idea what she had been saying, she gave up. "I quit, I-I can't. I can't, I'm done. Can I go sit down?" The teacher nods, and looks down, writing on her paper.
"Actually, no, wait. I need you to identify the other rhetorical devices." My w-what? She thinks for a minute, trying to make sense of her teacher's words.
"Oh.. Um.." She quickly identifies the required devices, and waits for permission to sit. "Do you have them all? I-I feel like I'm missing one."
The teacher responds with a small sympathetic smile. "No, i have them. You can sit down." She rushes to her seat and curls into it, tears rolling down her cheek silently.
*********************End Flashback***********************
She puts her head on her desk and let a deep breath out slowly, holding back the tears. Her body begins shaking again, and she cries silently inside, continuing her classwork. I just wanted my Daddy..

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