Angela Petrova

Angela Petrova

This is fiction, please keep rude comments to yourselves, sorry if it sucks and thank you for your time


Chapter 1

My Character

Birth Name: Angela Alexa Petrova
Choosen Name: Angela Petrova
Nickname: Ange
Petname: Sweetheart
Alias: Angel Pierce
Also Known As: Alexa Von Swartzschild Aternate Identity
Title: Katerina's Unknown/Secret Little Sister
Reputation: The Nice One
Gender: Female
Age: 18/538
Birthday: June 5th 1473
Species: Guardian Angel
Status: Reborn
Faceclaim: Ashley Tisdale
Appearance: 5'9, 110 lbs, long wavy brown hair and brown eyes
Personality: The girl next door
Villiage Girl or Island Girl: Both
Heaven Or Hell: Heaven
Female Best Friend: Katerina Petrova/Katherine Peirce, Amara, Elena and Tatia
Female Close Friends: Davina, Sarah, Sybil and Georgie
Female Other Friend: Nadia, Anna, Vicki, Kelly, Freya, Rebekah, Hayley, Bonnie, Lexi and Mary
Male Best Friends: Stefan Salvatore, Silas, Tom Avery and Ambrose while he was possessing Stefan
Male Close Friends: Damon, Kol, Elijah and Niklaus
Male Other Friends: Kaleb, Mikael, Tyler, Jeremy, Josh, Aiden, Jackson, Kai, Alaric, Matt and Vincent
Good Influence: her friends
Bad Influence: her older sister
Eternal Twin Flame/Love Interest: Stefan Salvatore
Relationship Status: 1861-2017 156 years
Lover: Silas
Crush: Tom Avery
Rival: none
Frenemies: Marcellus, Caroline, Vincent, Camille, Cade, Seline, Tristan and Aya
Enemies: Aurora and Lucien
Family: Amara (Ancestor), Tatia (Ancestor/Amara's descendant), Katerina Petrova/Katherine Peirce (Older Sister), Nadia Petrova (Niece), Isobel Flemming (distant descendant via Katherine) and Elena Gilbert (Katherine's descendant/Doppleganger)
Future Family: Stefan Salvatore (Husband), Damon Salvatore (Brother In Law), Lily Salvatore (Desceased Mother In Law), Sarah Salvatore (Distant Niece through Marriage), Stefan and Valerie's unborn child lost due to a miscarriage (Step Son), Stefan Salvatore Junior (Son) and Katerina Salvatore (Daughter)
Future Married Alias: Angel Cooper
Power and Ability: Immunity and Telepathy
Strength: her hope for a better tomorrow
Weakness: her emotions
Greatest Fear: losing those she loves
Secret: dated Elijah before she meet Stefan
Occupation: Socialite
Extra: loved Katerina/Katherine more than anyone else until she meet Stefan and then somehow he became her everything.

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