by: sammmi

these are some things i've been wondering about for a while, what other people think. please answer everything you know the best that you can. =] peace n love.

  1. 1

    Do you cut yourself

  2. 2

    If so, why did you?

    Please select all that apply.

  3. 3

    About how many people you know cut themselves?

  4. 4

    Are you Anorexic?

  5. 5

    If so, what was the reason?

    Please select all that apply.

  6. 6

    How many people you know are/were anorexic?

  7. 7

    Are you/were you ever clinically depressed?

  8. 8

    If so, were you on medication?

  9. 9

    Have you ever "self-medicated" or take pain killers, anti-depressants, etc. without being prescribed because YOU felt you needed them? [[even if you weren't depressed, anxious, etc]]

  10. 10

    Have you ever taken illegal drugs?

  11. 11

    Have you ever been addicted to a drug? [[prescription, illegal, etc.]]

  12. 12

    If you were addicted to a prescription drug, was it an anti depressant or pain killer?

  13. 13

    How many people do you know that have been addicted to some form of drug?

  14. 14

    Have you ever gotten high off of something other than a drug? [[pixi stix, sharpies, etc.]]

  15. 15

    Why did you take this survey?

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