does he likee mee?????

by: x0allygrace0x

ok i rlly need somee help here......this guy hes like a good friend of mine, but hes a year does he like mee?or doesnt hee?

  1. 1

    when i pass him in the hallway...he looks @ me then laffs @ me

  2. 2

    if i evr call his house...he will answer and say "wut"..then after weve been tlkin 4 a while and i tell him i have to go...hell try to keep me on the fone by distracting me

  3. 3

    when i sign onto AIM he will IM me as soon as i sign on

  4. 4

    if he is IMing mee and says sumthin to me on AIM tht rlly pisses me off...ill threaten to block him......and he will tell me he will stop so i wont block him

  5. 5

    he insults me....but he nvr means it..he just does it to make me angry

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