Doctor Who vs Harry Potter

by: deil321

Which is best?

  1. 1

    Doctor vs Harry Potter

  2. 2

    The Master vs Voldemort

  3. 3

    Dalek vs Dumbledore

  4. 4

    Cyberman vs Draco Malfoy

  5. 5

    Rose Tyler vs Hermoine Granger

  6. 6

    Family of Blood vs Dementors

  7. 7

    Davros vs Snape

  8. 8

    Dalek Emperor with Dalek Guards vs Lucius Malfoy with Death Eaters

  9. 9

    Cybermen Army vs Order of the Pheonix

  10. 10

    Doctor, Time Lord army and Companions vs Order of the Pheonix and every good Wizard

  11. 11

    The Finale! Doctor Who (T.V Series not character) vs Harry Potter (Book series not character)

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