do you know the cruel and gross things ppl do when they kill the animals? WARNING: may become vegan or veggitarian after

by: morgiegirl11

this is sad

  1. 1

    did you know that the recalled food goes into baby food and school lunches?

  2. 2

    did you know kids are going through pubrity and starting periods earlier becuz the hormones put in meat?

  3. 3

    ppl have to boil pigs in like 700 f. water when there already dead but for the fun ppl do it while there alive

  4. 4

    a man was interviewed and said once he took a pig (while it was alive) cut off the top of its nose, through salt on it then put salt up its but

  5. 5

    a man was interviewed and said the ppl in the slaughter house would hang cows and pigs upsighed down parelize them, then cut off there skin then cut there arms and legs off

  6. 6

    calves (baby cows) are not alowed to move so that they dont get mustle so theres more meat on them

  7. 7

    the good news is that there is pretend eggs,mayo,and tofurkey and organic stuff like from trader joes so you dont have to eat the meat that is bad and you can make your own baby food

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