Life's Biggest Issues~~ #3... Religion

by: darkraven2010

Yet another popular topic transformed into a quiz....... PLEASE EXPLAIN YOUR VIEWS IN THE COMMENT AREA

(not yelling at you, just making the request larger and more visible... not sure everyone reads the intro...)

  1. 1

    There is only one correct religion

  2. 2

    The deity in which you believe is all-knowing and all powerful...

  3. 3

    God(s) can love only those who love him/her

  4. 4

    My god(s) has(have) moral codes to which everyone should adhere

  5. 5

    Morals are directly related to the whims (desires) of the God(s)

  6. 6

    God is able to visit his subjects of the world through visions, etc.

  7. 7

    All sentient (conscious) alien beings of other planets who do not believe in god (or even heard of god, for that matter) will go to Hell

  8. 8

    Infinite planes of being exist beyond the realm of our perception (even ones beyond the reach of god(s))

  9. 9

    Religion should be encouraged to be taught in schools

  10. 10

    Nothing, and i do mean NOTHING, is beyond God's power

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