Hardest "Would you rather..." ever!

by: Shashee

Better pick with honesty... let's see how quibblo thinks! Also! some of these questions are tricks so think carefully on each one. Comment me and see what you notice about questions and the ones that are tricky

  1. 1

    Lose your GF/BF or your best friend

  2. 2

    quit your favorite sport or join the chess club...

  3. 3

    Forever thirsty or fall into an endless abyss

  4. 4

    vans or etnies (to lighten up the mood)

  5. 5

    Shunned from your Family or from your friends

  6. 6

    Crack or Alchohol (fact: Alchohol is the most addicting of all drugs.)

  7. 7

    lick a dead frog or eat a maggot

  8. 8

    tortured for 5.67 years or put in prison with a petafile

  9. 9

    Marry Paris Hilton or Britanny Spears

  10. 10

    Be a dog forced to dog fight or a goldfish that has 5 seconds worth of space in his/her brain

  11. 11

    Be a believer in God and there isn't one or NOT Believing in God and there IS one.

  12. 12

    Fat with 10 billion dollars or Skinny with no money

  13. 13

    Zombies invade your house with infinite shotgun ammo or Zombies invade with just a Shotgun?

  14. 14

    Have a girl with autisim or a boy missing an eye

  15. 15

    be on sesame street or teletubbies

  16. 16

    Pokemon or Yuigio (I understand if you hate both i'm right there with ya -.-)

  17. 17

    Die by car bomb or fall out of a building

  18. 18

    be a terrorist or nazi

  19. 19

    (this one is a positive one really its like picking a present for your b-day) Switch genders for a day or get 10k

  20. 20

    X's or O's

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