What do you think? (Again Anothe Poem of Mine) (sorry if you cant understand, i had to make it shorter 2 make it fit & i hav 2 cut out 3 lines)

by: Forever_Suffering | View Questions

My soul is here.trapd on this earth.y did i com here.@ birth.i shuldnt b alive.i dont belong here.im just an extra soul tryin 2 survive.im a burden 2 those i call family.i just want 2 no.y do they tolerate me.they shuld just put me out of my misery.other than keep me alive & not let me b.im a disgrace.im an outcast.im out of my place.this is not where i belong.i shuld b in h3ll.burnin 2 my core.instead of hidin in this shell.that is called home.

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