What do u think? (Yes Its another 1 of my dam.n poems) (again i had 2 cut the words short, sorry)

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everynite i cry myself 2 sleep.i cant help it.i just hav 2 weep.i never do anythin rite.i no wat ppl think.they wish i wuld get out of sight.i wish that 2.but 4 som reason i cant.wat shuld i do.i cant take it anymor.i just cant.im always gettin yelled @.even wen im not doin somethin rong.they treat me like a nat.just some1 there 2 annoy them.im always told.ur such a jem.but they lie.u can c it.but as i always say.im done wit this shyt.so my friend.i hav 1 mor thing 2 say.this mite b the end

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