I LOVE YOU....(read the introduction)

by: SoDamnCrazii___

I LUV U.3 simple words tht a girl evr wnted to hear frm her bf.Since they bcame lovrs, the boy nver said the words,''i love u'', thts why the girl thinks her bf ddnt luv her.On the girl's b-day, the boy gave her a doll bt the girl cried nd shouted tht all she evr wnted ws to hear the words ''I LUV U''.Then she threw the doll on the road.The boy pickd it wyl crying.A speeding car hit the guy nd he died.The girl pickd up the doll and found a button.wen she pressed it, it said..(read 1st Q)

  1. 1

    ...I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH BABY, I REALLY DO...those were the words said by the doll...Was there any emotional trigger in u wen u read it?

  2. 2

    Is love really stupid or is the one who's in love the stupid one?

  3. 3

    wats the most important thing in a relationship?

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