the nakid quiz

the nakid quiz

by: laney365

just for fun. what have YOU done nakid?

  1. 1

    ever walked around the house all nakid?

  2. 2

    ever walked around someone else's house all nakid?

  3. 3

    has your best friend seen you all nakid?

  4. 4

    ever been in a public place all nakid?

  5. 5

    ever danced all nakid?

  6. 6

    has someone of the opposite gender seen you all nakid? (no relatives)

  7. 7

    ever cooked all nakid?

  8. 8

    when your with your friends and you have to change everything, do you stay in the same room together or do you go in the bathroom while they change in the room (vise versa) ?

  9. 9

    ever had someone undress you? (same with the no relatives rule)

  10. 10

    ever gone swimming all nakid? (skinny dipping counts, bathtubs do not)

  11. 11

    do you shower in the school showers with everyone else in you class? (same gender of course)

  12. 12

    ever been in the woods all nakid?

  13. 13

    ever been streaking?

  14. 14

    do you sleep all nakid/have you ever?

  15. 15

    (last one folks!) has someone ever walked in on you all nakid?

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