Would you rather/Random

by: Akatsuki_Nagato

idk what to say so just take it, what make u wanna see this first anyway??
PS: o yeah, if u hate people that have grammar problem get lost, its not for u! i'll kill u if u just take this quiz and complain or talk behind my back about my grammar!! like fatihokan or whatever that has neji with rinnegan as the avi, ew thats GAY

  1. 1

    Which one do u like out of these

  2. 2

    which one is better for u to feel

  3. 3

    which one

  4. 4

    which one

  5. 5

    would u like to have a very good sis/bro that always be there for u whenever u need her/him or the hottest guy that care for u sometimes

  6. 6

    what would u rather do if u had lots of big problems, kill urself and livin painful life in hell forever or try to keep alive even tho its painful

  7. 7

    would u rather be a popular preppy that many people hate but ur happy or be anything else besides preppy(that cool that everyone is fine with that/love u but ur in pain forever for the rest of ur life

  8. 8

    would u rather be a girl that have a problem with ur period or a guy that have big b00bies

  9. 9

    would u rather be good at one sport but suck at all else that or so-so at all sports

  10. 10

    would u rather be a dishwasher but has a house and can live happily but plainly or look rich dont have a job and have many debts everywhere

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