Would you read my book and like it?????

by: Christ_Follower_1994

so i wrote this whole book and i was wodnering if i ever got it published if anyone would read it. it still needs to be put on the computer and needs to be changed a lot and reorganized and stuff but the plot and stuff will stay the same. so please answer honestly and tell me what you think of it. when i finish it i might just send it in our something.
Heres how the questions will work they will be a statement and you just pick "read" or "not read"

  1. 1

    My book has dragons in it

  2. 2

    my book is modern day

  3. 3

    the main characters are ages 10-14

  4. 4

    someone will die

  5. 5

    the main characters will ruin the cops many times and escape

  6. 6

    there might be a gun war

  7. 7

    it might be a series

  8. 8

    the names of the main characters would be Cassie and Dylan

  9. 9

    there might not be a major bad guy

  10. 10

    the title woudl be "Dragon, the Beginning"

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